October 23rd - 29th        
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       Front Row Review

'The Martian' Review: Horror, Humour and Emotion on a Journey Home From Mars 

Damon's devotion to The Martian role is palpable and his use of humour to deal with his situation, effortless; I can already hear the Oscar buzz... Read more

One of Mars's panoramic shots shows Olympus Mons, the largest discovered mountain in the solar system. It is almost three times larger than Mount Everest.
       What's Showing?

Jurrasic World   

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trial 

Straight Outta Compton
Ooops! Noah Is Gone          
  San Andreas      

The Walk     


Coming Soon:  Spectre

Coming Soon: Star Wars: Episode VII 
Reviews, Stars and Couches
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'Zoo' Series Review: Kenyan Character Featured in Animal and Human Kingdoms Clash
Dogs massacre people in Slovenia, wolves wipe out an entire prison population in the States and bats invade.... Read more 
HOT: Mkamzee Mwatela
Her debut role was as Sarafina in a Sterling Quality musical of the same name at the Kenya National Theatre... Read more
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60 Thoughts I had While Watching
Mad Max: Fury Road
Here's a list of everything that went on in my mind... Read more 
Hardest quiz ever! They're all sorcerers... Read more