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September 2014
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So far Door County is minimal for fall colors though we've seen the weaker trees sharing a little color. Check out the State's Fall Color Report link to keep an eye on the changing to fall colors & know when to visit!
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Eagle Harbor Inn
OCTOBER 24 - 26th
Since we all need to eat our three meals a day it can be a challenge to come up with new menu ideas that will
inspire us!
Once again, Chef Terri Milligan, the previous owner with her husband Chris, of the Inn at Kristopher's in Sister Bay, will be offering her a very fun & enlightening weekend using Eagle Harbor Inn kitchen as the base. Be inspired! The class will allow for additional time to take a sailboat cruise as well as shop at some of the 'foodie' places offering original items. Besides being a terrific cook & able teacher, she is a lot of fun to hang around with as she knows just where the best goat farm is as well as spot for well aged balsamic vinegars & oils. Click on the link at bottom to go to Terri's website with a complete description of the weekend with menus. Call us for room selection. It's a new season & time to treat yourself!       
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Who's Your Farmer?
Make it Waseda Farms!

In the last twenty years we have become more aware of the way we see & understand the food we consume. People are more concerned about where their food comes from & how it  is raised. Door County has become home to many businesses concerned with how their food is raised and produced as well as creating new offerings. As we hear about the Locavore movement we may ask ourselves what this means exactly.  People that consider themselves locavores are concerned with their food being locally grown, raised or made within a 100 mile radius.

Over the years our share of producers in this realm have grown, from farmers markets, cheese makers, coffee roasters & grinders (unfortunately DC doesn't offer coffee growing conditions), vineyards, orchards, fisheries & CSA's. Waseda Farms is  one of these local places that we are proud to talk about. Located between Bailey's Harbor and Jacksonport, they raise cows, pigs, and chickens. They also grow and sell produce from growers in the area. Their store sells fantastic chicken, steak, bacon & all natural hot dogs. Knowing what is actually in the hot dog seems to put a whole new desirability factor on the otherwise lowly 'dog'. Plan to take a little extra time when there as you can hike the property. There are extensive trails on the farm that traverse the countryside, where their cattle roam.  

If you're lucky you may run into Tom Lutsey, the owner. He is always willing to talk & share stories; otherwise he is often working the property or in his golf cart checking on distant grazing lands. And if you want to try your hand cooking a 'locavore dinner' see the adjacent offering by Chef Terri at Eagle Harbor Inn! 

A View from the Water: Sailing
Door County

One of the best reasons to visit Door County is to spend time on the water. With more than 250 miles of shoreline in your backyard the opportunity to experience this pristine rugged coastline is worth the trip.

       Almost daily at breakfast I get asked what I would do if I had the day off & I always suggest our guests engage in one of the myriad of sailing opportunities available, whether on a lighthouse, shipwreck, sunset sail or on the double masted schooner, the Edith M. Baker. Seeing Door County from the water gives you a new appreciation for the land as well as Lake Michigan, as you understand just how powerful she can be.   Sail Door County   owns  the 62 foot schooner which plies the waters of Green Bay in summer/fall & goes south to entertain guests in the Caribbean in winter. It's the serious boat, built for rugged waters and long voyages & can take you back in time when these ships were the mode of the day. She, as all boats happen to be female, is a  beauty. 

      Sail Door County has short voyages into fall, touring at various times throughout the day, including a sunset sail.  Check out their website for details as a ride on the Edith M. Baker is something for everyone's bucket list!


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Mustard Brine for Pork Chops
from Tom at Waseda Farm 

2 C. Apple cider vinegar
2 T Dry mustard powder
1/2 C. Kosher salt
2 Bay leaves
1 C. Brown sugar
1 lb. Ice cubes
2 T Black peppercorns - WHOLE
2-2 1/2 lbs. Pork Chops, Loin or Roast

1. Heat apple cider vinegar over high heat until hot.
2. While vinegar is heating, add salt, brown sugar, peppercorns, mustard & bay leaves in a large non-metallic container w/lid. Add hot apple cider vinegar and whisk until sugar and salt are dissolved completely.
3 Add ice cubes stir to dissolve.
4. Add Pork. Make sure that it is completely covered with brine.
5. Cover with lid and refrigerate for up to 2 hours.
6. Rinse pork well under cold water.
7. Cook to your liking, preferably on the Grill.

Yields 5 cups of brine





Calendar of Events

Door County Bike Tour Weekend  September 19-21

Culinary Weekend,   October 24-25 

Holiday Open House  November 29