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October 2013
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The Myth of Age       Somatics
Our favorite yoga studio, Stone Path Yoga Studio in Sister Bay, is offering a workshop focusing on our skeletal muscles which can form bad habits in response to our everyday life. Take time out for yourself and get re-energized by particiapting this weekend October 27 & 28. For more information
In the summer look for Therese's offering of
Paddleboard Yoga on Ephraim's Eagle Harbor!
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It is hard to believe the summer season has come to a close. We have enjoyed seeing so many of you, reconnecting with news of your families and home. It is with gratitude that we hold our friendships dear and until we meet again, stay well!


Nedd, Natalie & All the Staff at Eagle Harbor Inn


9914 Water Street

Ephraim, WI  54211





 late fall    




     As we watch the beautifully colored leaves slowly float down to the chilled ground from their branches high above we find ourselves bundling up and beginning to prepare for the holidays.  Chilled lemonade has been replaced with hot cider and it won't be long before we see snow-covered evergreens beautifully decorated and twinkling with thousands of tiny lights.  
     Northern Door County's Holiday Home Tour is just around the corner and if you're planning to visit November 29 - December 1st you can experience the wonderful sights and sounds of the holidays on the Tour.  Ellison Bay Manor, Wisconsin's largest private residence, will be one of the five incredible homes on this year's tour.  There is a high demand for tickets so if you are interested in partaking in the Tour please contact the Northern Door Children's Center at 920.854.4244. Trolley reservations are required for Ellison Bay Manor and can be made when purchasing tickets. All proceeds benefit the Children's Center. 
     Also plan for our 16th Annual Old Fashioned Christmas Celebration Thanksgiving Weekend - www.EagleHarborInn.com

Life is too short to be anything but kind

      Years ago a friend of mine enlightened me with a philosophy: "Life's too short to be anything but kind".  It was a powerful statement and it has resonated with me ever since.  I believe it's important to remember that we are all in this world together so we might as well make it a pleasant place to be.  In order for that to happen kindness needs to be an essential part of each day for every one of us.   

     Eagle Harbor Inn has incorporated this idea into our business philosophy. When I'm working at the front desk, I really enjoy meeting all of the lovely people that stay with us. I like listening to stories about where they call home, why they are here for a visit and how they first learned about Eagle Harbor Inn.  I take great pleasure in giving them recommendations on delicious places to eat or fun ways to spend their afternoon and it's really wonderful to watch them enjoy every day of their vacation. 

      This morning I was reminded again of the importance of kindness as I was watching the morning news.  A man named George Saunders, an author and public speaker, was speaking to George Stephanopoulos about how we can all help to spread kindness.  He believes that the world would be a better place if we all took the time to be kinder to one another. I encourage you to click on the link below to read Mr. Saunder's speech and think about the impact each of us can have on the world we live in.  Christine @ the Front Desk
to read George Suander's speech click here

 Delicious Caramel Apple Bites 
3 large apples
1 14-oz bag wrapped caramels
2 Tbsp. milk or heavy cream
Crushed nuts for topping
Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and set aside.  With a melon baller, scoop out bite-sized apple balls (about 6-10 bites per apple).  Unwrap caramels; add milk or cream and microwave for 1-minute increments, stirring caramel mixture until melted.  Insert a toothpick or skewer into each apple ball and roll in melted caramel mixture.  Layer bottom of each coated apple ball with crushed nuts.  Let cool on lined cookie sheet.   

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