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Labor Day Weekend: August 2013
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Our oldest daughter
Kelsey who many of you may remember as working in the Inn at the Front Desk and as Breakfast Chef, has graduated as a Civil Engineer from Marquette University in May! She is even more delighted that she landed a wonderful job at MSA Professional Assoc. in Madison, WI. Currently she is working on a portion of the refurbishment plans at the Vilas Park Zoo! As you can imagine we are so proud of her and we are delighted that she will be living within an easy drive even if it means she won't be available to work at the Inn! (Our daughters were born in Hawaii, hence the lei!)

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We have a new herb garden completely revamped by our talented gardener, Beth, "The Garden Lady". Guests noticed it immediately when it was replanted in a very zen-like fashion, however now with all the rain & sun, it is bursting in abundance! It is beautiful & we use it for our daily breakfast for ingredients, garnishes and flowers!

Calender of Events
Saturday Sept. 7th
Door County Century Bike Ride: 100 mile, 62 Mile Metric Century &
 25 Mile distances.
Fri - Sun. October 25-27th
Terri Milligan's Culinary  Weekend at Eagle Harbor Inn, including the Goat Farm Tour!
Saturday Nov. 30th
17th Annual
Holiday Open House
Here: Decorating Gingerbread Men in Inn kitchen & a Holiday Smorgasbord
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                  Your Last Summer Fling ~ 
   Labor Day Weekend in Door County!
                (not a bad idea)   
If you feel summer has whizzed by without having had as much time to enjoy it a you would like, then it's time to treat yourself to the warm waters of the Bay, or reach your goal of trying a new sport-paddleboarding,  or pick up your coffee at LeRoy's & head to Ephraim's wide white sandy beach! If music is your interest, Midsummers Music will be performing their chamber music magic in the most fabulous home in Door Couonty, otherwise known as the 'largest house in Wisconsin': What a great way to see it! And you might decide to pick up this year's bountiful Door County Cherries to start your 'Cherry Bounce LIquor', for gift giving at Christmas! (Ask Natalie for the recipe) Whatever your reason, take one last summer plunge: Door County is calling! 
Call us for availability at 800-324-5427 or check our availability online at 

Door County Brewing Company: Working to keep it local! dcdb
Door County Brewing Company Opens
with its inaugural launch at the second annual Door County Beer Festival in June, Baileys Harbor. With names like 'Polka King' Porter and 'Little Sister' Ale it is drawing names from a rich history of local lore and famous places! The goal is to buy up as much local hops as possible, and several farmers have switched their fields to this latest crop trend. There is a 3 year lag time between planting and harvesting so the hops currently used are not from Door County. Marc Savard of Wildwood Farm has planted two of the most common five varieties of  hops typically used. In Door County Brewery's future beers we'll all enjoy the  Cascade & Centennial varieties; then it is up to Brewmaster Danny's discretion in creating a complex and interesting flavor. Hops grow to be 20-30 feet tall in lanky plants, requiring timber poles to anchor them in the sky. When you come,  look to the fields for the hops, and for the brew in our local grocers! If you are from Milwaukee, you can experience it at the Hilton Garden Inn, downtown Milwaukee: It's on tap!

Need Help with your Golf Game?
Peninsula Golf Course is opening a training center

PGC TC     

We are very excited that Peninsula State Park Golf Course is adding a Training Center to help new (& old) golfers get better at their beloved sport! As the number of followers of the sport diminishes, golf associations work to increase the interest and numbers. The new Center will open in Summer 2014 for those who want to learn the sport and for those who just want to improve their skill. Work is well underway and very visible as it is located across from the existing course, across Highway 42. This area is owned by the State and it once was one of the course holes until it was deemed too dangerous for golfers to get there and of course, to hit your ball there! 
In the meantime, you can enjoy a beer at the Pen Park Clubhouse, which made history on Memorial Day as being the first locale in Ephraim to be licensed to sell beer: Once again, it's State land!

Check out the progress & website for more details.

Peninsula Golf Course 




    3/4 Lb. Orzo                2 Cans oil packced Tuna  

   6 Tbs. Olive Oil                Sea salt & Fresh Pepper

    1 C. Fresh Scallions           3/4 C. Golden Raisins

    1 1/2 Tbs. Lemon Zest    1 /4 C. Mint Leaves

    1/4 C Lemon Juice


     Cook 3/4 lb. of orzo. Drain, add 1 Tbs. olive oil to seperate & cool. Combine Orzo, 1 C. sliced scallions (on diagonal), 3/4 C. Golden Raisins, 1 1/2 Tbs. Lemon Zest, 1/4 C. Lemon Juice, 1/4 C. Thinly sliced fresh mint leaves, 6 Tbs. Olive Oil, and 2 cans drained Oil Packed Tuna. Season with Sea Salt & freshly Ground Pepper. Serve as is or over a bed of spinach/garden greens or in hollowed out avacados!                 Enjoy!


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