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Experiment in Affirmation
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Presbytery Pastoral Care Network (PPCN) is a 501(c)3 non-profit providing professional development, support, and resources for those caring for ministers throughout the Presbyterian Church (USA).
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Greetings to all who spread good news of a Mighty Savior and Lord.  We rejoice in our Lord Christ who is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace, praying that the Holy One blesses you this season.  The board of PPCN lifts you and your particular ministry in thanksgiving to God.  As this newsletter comes your way, I want to extend a word of thanks for the ministry you do, the compassion you show, the love of God you express and the leadership you exercise in your particular ministry.   

Our hope from PPCN is to be an encouragement to you, a resource to sustain your energies, and a companion in service to our God.  In the worship service I lead each week this Advent we have lifted up the Psalmists word's:  "Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!" (Psalm 27:14).  So may it be with you that your strength is renewed, your heart strengthened and your ministry given courage.

A blessed Christmas and a hope filled -- heart filled -- new year.
Rev. Dr. Dan Corll
President, Presbytery Pastoral Care Network
Tis The Season....Ho Ho Holy!


Pastor Claus ... is the posture of a pastor celebrating the Christmas Season, and for that matter, the season of Christ in the Church all year long.  This is the season the church shines with choir cantatas, youth programs, festive dinners and special worship services and rituals.  Church decorations and special lighting add an atmosphere of warmth to the sanctuary and the Christmas .....

An Experiment in Affirmation 


It is not unusual for a pastor to feel as if they are under appreciated. People may appreciate what a pastor is doing but never take the time to express it. The failure to express appreciation is especially true among colleagues. When was the last time you had another clergy say.....
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Congregational Faith and Imperfection



How does a congregation relate their faith to their relationship with their pastor? Sadly, many congregations give too much credibility to a few noisy complaints and not enough consideration to how their faith shapes their response not only to the strengths but also the imperfections of their pastoral leadership and their congregation....  read more 

Filling a Vacuumchurch


The interim has increasingly played a significant role in congregational life. While the session or governing board of a church provides significant leadership, it is usually under the coordinated guidance of the pastor. Even when there has been tension between the pastor and the .....
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Thank you for supporting Presbytery Pastoral Care Network in its work to provide resources for those caring for ministers in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Our work is made possible through the purchase of Memberships, attendance at Conferences, and through individual financial support.  

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Resources available through PPCN

Webinar:  Teaming With Your Clergy,

a resource webinar offering a plan to strengthen the healthy nurture of the teamwork between session and pastor. Co-sponsored by the Presbytery Pastoral Care Network and the Presbyterian Outlook.  (fee /inquire about bulk discounts)  Email | Ph. 800/446-6008 Ext. 758  

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