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September / October 2013
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"Sabbath & Sabbaticals in Challenging Times" was the theme for the annual PPCN conference held during the summer.  The Board will be meeting soon via video-conference to begin planning for 2014.  Conferences provide in-depth resources for clergy self-care and effective ministry. Read more about previous conferences, themes, resources and speakers.     

Annual Membership Dues to PPCN will soon be due for 2014. Membership terms run from January through December. Read more about the benefits of a PPCN membership. Individual dues are $45.00 and Institutional Membership dues are $200.00.   


We welcome new Board member, Anne Lange.  Bio. 


Dan Corll 



As Israel was constantly learning, being set apart by God was less a reason for pride than of humble awe. It isn't that God took a special people and rewarded them for their greatness. Scripture is very clear that God took a "no-people" and made them into "God's people." (1 Peter 2:10) I note that because it is a humbling, not a prideful thing to recall that we are God's people.


At a Presbytery meeting, ask the following three questions for spontaneous response from the floor. Have someone prepared to keep note of the responses for each of the three questions.

"What it means that their church has been called by God to be a witness in this larger world?"

Next, have them respond to that question about the call of clergy: "What does it mean to say that clergy of our presbytery are set apart by God for a special purpose?"


Third, respond to the question concerning elders. "What does it mean to say that elders of our presbytery are set apart by God for a special purpose?"


Assign a spokesperson to share the collected responses to each question at the appropriate time. Have a liturgist lead the gathered people in a litany in which they read the question followed by the gathered responses to that question. Then the whole body responds:  "We are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's own people."  At the end of the litany, have the body rise and sing the doxology.


What you are doing is taking a sabbath moment for people to recall who and whose they are. It is one small step in helping the church to not be absorbed into the culture but to remember who they are.

What's the difference?

Both healthy and unhealthy clergy experience stress and challenges. The difference is how they respond to them. Let me suggest some contrasts between how healthy clergy
(HC) and unhealthy clergy (UC) respond to both life and faith. None of us are completely healthy. You will likely find some aspect of your own personality   read more


In recent years, the church has been confronted with many media stories about inappropriate sexual behavior on the part of clergy. Because of such inappropriate behavior, not only have there been expensive lawsuits but the public trust of clergy has been seriously damaged. Most presbyteries have offered training sessions for clergy in appropriate pastoral boundaries as a healthy response to this problem.


Most of us realize that this is a good beginning but more needs to be done. While we are all aware of the damage of inappropriate sexual behavior in many areas of public life, when it happens in the church, there seems to be an even deeper sense of betrayal. While such incidents tend to reinforce the cynicism of the public about churches, our own members are often left confused about issues of trust and belief that seriously damage their personal journey of faith.


I want to offer one other resource for clergy and church members   read more 


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