Happy Thanksgiving from Build Change! Here's what we're thankful for:


"I am happy that we are helping to fulfill the dreams of many families, plus we are saving lives and changing the way people think."


Yenyfer, Design Engineer



"Having been stuck under the rubble for two days after the earthquake, I'm thankful for what Build Change does, and I'm thankful to be a part of their team."


Dominique, HR and Office Manager



"I am thankful to share knowledge of safe house construction to the students, teachers and supervisors who haven't yet experienced a natural disaster. To change the mindset about disasters is to build safety. This makes me happy."

Melya, Finance Officer 


"I'm grateful to be a part of Build Change's endeavor and drive to build safer houses. Helping through teaching people and sharing valuable knowledge and experiences is the most rewarding achievement I have ever had."

Gilbert, Engineering Technician  

United States 

"I am thankful for the opportunity to ensure that families around the world can build homes that will keep them safe during natural disasters. I know I'm making a difference and that is an incredible feeling that I cherish."

Jennifer, Development Associate 

And I'm thankful for the entire Build Change family, over 100 people in five countries, working every day to bring safer houses and schools to the people who need them most.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Elizabeth Hausler Strand
Founder & CEO