As you know, I work for a nonprofit called Build Change, which teaches people to build homes and schools that can withstand earthquakes and major storms, reducing the loss of lives and livelihoods during natural disasters. I'm proud of the work we do. We're competing in the "more than 30,000 bracket" in the Making All Voices Count Global Innovation Competition.


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Our project is titled: "Save Lives and Follow the Money for Resilience"

Here's what we plan to do with the award:


Build Change will use tablet technology to streamline disaster response and resilience in the areas where we're working, which were affected by last year's Super Typhoon Yolanda. The technology will be implemented in partnership with the government, helping families build back better while improving governance, reducing loss of life in future disasters, and providing a transparent way of following the money that has been donated for disaster response. Many families in these communities are still without safe housing almost one year after the storm and our tablet technology will speed up recovery and resilience efforts.  


The 50 top-voted of the 241 competitors as of November 23 will move on to the second round, help us be in the top 50 so we can help families now and in future disasters.


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Thank you very much,

Hailey MacEachern

Fund and Partnership Development Manager 
Build Change | Philippines & Indonesia 
Skype ID: hailey.maceachern 

Phone: Philippines +63 (0)936 910 2804; Indonesia +62 0822 7253 1313




What has Build Change been doing in the Philippines? 

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