support build change for #givingtuesday

Looking for a chance to give back after Black Friday and Cyber Monday?   


You can save lives in Latin America. 


We are expanding our work to Latin America, where there are 28 million substandard houses. Your support can make these homes safer for families before a natural disaster strikes.


Our retrofitting program teaches local builders and engineers how to reinforce houses to prevent them from collapsing in earthquakes. Retrofitting saves lives and reduces the cost of natural disasters.


Help make homes safer and save lives in Latin America. 


Your donation to Build Change will:

  • Train local engineers and partners to retrofit substandard homes and how to train others
  • Provide technical assistance to families and on-the-job training to builders
  • Prevent millions of dollars in damage and save thousands of lives

Thank you for giving back and for your generous support.




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Every dollar invested in safety programs before a natural disaster saves $7 in emergency response needs.


Build Change is an international non-profit social enterprise that designs earthquake-resistant houses in developing countries and trains builders, homeowners, engineers and government officials to build them.  


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