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Top"The Lord your God is in your midst, He will Renew you in His Love."              Oct/Nov 2015

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Thanksgiving Retreat

New Year's Retreat

Scrapbook and Craft Retreat

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      The autumn leaves are changing their beautiful coats of color here, and the crisp fall air kisses our cheeks. It's a beautiful time of year, and I'm so thankful that we can wrap up in God's love like we do in a warm blanket around the fire. There is something very satisfying about fall when things begin to settle down and we can take stock of all that God has done for us here at CRC. Leaf photo by Kevin
     In October we had our first ever Men's Retreat with Troy Meeder from Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. Almost 40 men came to take in the messages. This is the only retreat that I can remember, in the past 27 years that I have not attended as it was, of course, a men's retreat. Here are a few snippets from Tim's notes: "Your life is passing you by whether you choose to live it or not." and "How are you going to spend your life? It boils down to living it for God or living it for yourself." The most poignant story Troy shared was his memory of the Reno Air Race in September 2011. As he sat in the grandstand with two friends, a Mustang P-51 lost control and, coming in from behind them, crashed into the crowd seated in front of them and literally swept away the lives of ten spectators. The pilot was also killed instantly, and over 70 others were injured. Troy and his friends were so nearly missed that they were spattered with oil from the plane's broken engine as it passed overhead. "You never know which day is your last," Troy said.  Through God's word Troy taught and exhorted the men to live their lives intentionally for Christ. During this retreat we also saw a lot of reconciliation between individuals.
     This past month we have also been busy remodeling the Red House, the staff cabin next to the bathhouse: new vinyl windows, a new door, heater, water heater, bedroom sheetrock, paint and carpet have been added. I'm so proud of our small staff that work so hard to be good stewards of what we have been given. Little by little we are taking on projects to make CRC a more beautiful place to visit, live, and work at.
     Speaking of work, if you or anyone you know would be interested in serving CRC as our Registrar or Assistant Cook, please print an application and mail it in. We trust that God will supply our need, and who knows, it may be met through you!
     This November, we are excited to have Randy Bridges from the C.S. Lewis Institute come and teach over Thanksgiving. If you are interested in teaching one of the children's classes for this retreat, let me know and we'll see what we can work out.
     At the end of December we have our New Year's Retreat where various staff members share devotions around the table at meal times as well as celebrate the New Year with games and a time of worship. We hope that you can come and join us!

You are safe in His arms,
Julie Hansen

Rome at Sunset

P.S. On a personal note, for those who didn't know, in September Tim and I had the joy of joining our beautiful daughter, Grace, and our incredible son-in-law, Bryan, in Europe. Together, we loved seeing Denmark, Sweden, and Italy. How remarkable to observe how God has worked in different cultures through the centuries...(click here to read full story)

Thanksgiving Retreat
with Randy Bridges
November 26-29

Note: This retreat was full, but we had a large cancellation. 
There are now rooms available.
    Our speaker this year, Randy Bridges, is currently Director of the C.S. Lewis Institute in Millcreek, Washington with a Doctorate from Biola University. His dissertation was on the"The Relationship of Leadership Practices and the Effect on Church Growth." For six years Randy
was the facilitator for the Pastor's Multi-denominational Prayer Summit in 60 cities in the US and Canada. He directed Hope Now Ministries where he hosted a radio show and gave workshops on domestic violence and other related issues. He was a board member for both Vision house (for single women and displaced men) and Good Soil (Ministry to businessmen focused on Evangelism and Lifestyle). He has married to his wife Marcia for 40 years and has one married son.

So combine your family with the CRC family and truly celebrate the Lord with hearts of joy and thankfulness. Join us for a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner, ministry, worship and more... a real 'Family Thanksgiving'! This is a very special weekend focused on giving thanks to God for all that he has done for us over the past year. 

The CRC Staff will share skits, stories and songs of thanksgiving on Thursday afternoon in the Rotunda. After an evening meal of turkey sandwiches, you and your family will have the opportunity to present a song, skit or testimony - some creative offering of thanks to God for his goodness. We would like each family group to prepare something ahead of time to share with the group. It's a LOT of fun and very inspirational as well! We always enjoy this evening when our guests take "center stage."

Each evening begins with a time of worship for the entire family. In the afternoons you will have the opportunity to enjoy making a Christmas wreath or just relax and fellowship.
"Give thanks to the Lord for he is good! His love endures forever!" Now that's really something to be thankful for.

                        Registration: 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Thanksgiving Day at the Main Lodge
Thanksgiving dinner at 1:00 PM. CRC will provide the turkey and trimmings.
Suggested donation:(3 nights,10 meals)$130/adult, $65/child 7-12, $30/child 3-6, 0-3 are free.
Deposit: $135/family, $65/couple, $30/single. 

**SPECIAL NOTE** When you register, please use the "comment box" to tell what kind of salad or pie your family will be bringing to share so we can plan accordingly. Thank you!

New Year's Retreat
"Hope for the New Year" 
December 30 - January 1new-year-header5.jpg

Bring in the New Year with CRC!

Come celebrate the New Year in a relaxed extended family setting.  This weekend retreat features our fun New Year's Eve party and inspirational Watch Night Service. This is a great opportunity to start off the New Year right. 
All sessions are designed for the whole family to enjoy together.

Registration is at the Lamppost at 3:30 and then followed by a 6:30 dinner,
beginning on Wednesday, and ending with 10:00 brunch on Friday (2 nights/5 meals) $100/adult, $50/child 7-12, $25/child 3-6, child 0-2 free. Deposit $100/family, $50/couple, and $25/single.

"Resolution One: I will live for God. Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will."  - Jonathan Edwards

"I pray that the Lord might crown this year with His goodness and in the coming one give you a hallowed dare-devil spirit in lifting the biting sword of Truth, consuming you with a passion that is called by the cultured citizen of Christendom 'fanaticism', but known to God as that saintly madness that led His Son through bloody sweat and hot tears to agony on a rude Cross - and Glory!" - Jim Elliot

Scrapbook and Craft Retreat
January 16-19

For the past several years CRC has hosted a SPECTACULAR Scrapbooking and Craft Retreat. It has been so much fun we wondered why we were limiting the retreat to just two nights when January offers us a great 3-day weekend opportunity. So we have pulled out all the stops and are offering more time to do it in!
What to bring: Your personal craft/hobby supplies, snacks to share, bedding; pillow, towels, comfortable clothes, warm jacket, umbrella, and a smile to share with those around you!

Retreat begins Friday evening with dinner at 6:30pm
Registration begins at 2:00 on Friday afternoon at the Lamppost. 
Saturday and Sunday schedules: Brunch at 10:00am and Dinner at 5:00pm
Retreat ends Monday, after 10:00 brunch.
Suggested donation: 3 nights, 6 meals $130/person (includes a Welcome Bag for each attendee).
Deposit: $30



Our newest addition opened in July 2011.

We are so blessed to offer another place of ministry at CRC.

It's such a joy to see people share and laugh over a latte,

Lori Riegelmann~Barista

to pray together or just peruse  the bookstore. 






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 If you want to know more about CRC and how it all began, check out Eunice Hansen's book
 When God Gives a Dream and also a video  of Allan Hansen when he spoke to a live audience in the Main Lodge a few years ago.

 Both the book and the video are available at
The Lamppost 
We hope that all is well with you and your loved ones. Please send us an email if you would like us to pray with you about anything. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon! 

Tim & Julie Hansen and the CRC Staff
Tim & Julie
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