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Top"The Lord your God is in your midst, He will Renew you in His Love."            August  2015

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 If you want to know more about CRC and how it all began, check out Eunice Hansen's book
 When God Gives a Dream and also a video  of Allan Hansen when he spoke to a live audience in the Main Lodge a few years ago.

 Both the book and the video are available at
The Lamppost 

     Nothing can compare with the joys and friendships that CRC Summer Family Camp brings every year. Like one big tribe, we gather around God's word, fun activities, and of course the wonderful food. As we come together, we share the pleasures and the sorrows of our previous year and gain strength from the Lord's presence and the fellowship of believers to go forward into God's calling, the unique and specific mission he has given each one of us for the seasons ahead.
     The speakers this year were amazing! Dr. Jerry Benjamin spoke on Christ preeminent: the initiator, motivator, enabler, provider, and completer of our relationship with Him. All that we need is found in the person of Jesus as He Is, the All Sufficient One. Maturity is measured by our willingness to submit to His will, as the key factor in Jesus' life was to do His Father's will. Our Christian walk is not about what we're turning from, but Who we are turning to.
     Doug Easterday shared on the Father Heart of God and how He wants a relationship with us which is different than religion which can be measured. Doug also discussed what forgiveness is and what it isn't, and about our need to forgive as we have been forgiven. The closing session was, "What do you do when you do not understand God?" which ministered to many people.
     Phillip Telfer taught us on how we should want to live our life to the fullest and that we can be "Thriving in Babylon". Phillip was basically instructing us also on how we can raise and prepare our children to be "Daniels" in our day, bringing God's light and hope even in the midst of our pagan culture. One quote, "Humility - don't pray for it. It's your job to humble yourselves."
Becky Rutschman

     Becky Rutschman and Tim Hansen also did a marvelous job speaking on the book of Jude. Yes, that's right, they both came up with the same topic apart from each other. Becky, with her humor and tenderness, shared how she found the mercy of God in Jude, exhorting us to show compassion on those who are doubting. Tim Hansen, the next morning, led us in a Bible study sharing the book's relevancy and implications of our lives today, which was also substantiated by his personal testimony.
     Julie Hansen shared scripture and personal stories calling us to know God on a level that gives us victory over sin, changes the way we live, and impacts others for Him. What moves God? People who know His heart of love and act on that.   

     One of the cool highlights of camp this year was the Fabulously Fantastic Family Fun Variety Show that we had each week, and let me tell you, the CRC guests have talent! Our guests shared music that they had written and composed, many made up clever skits, one of which was both adorable and sad about Adam and Eve walking with God in the garden and then being cast out.
     One guest, Chris Dexter, quoted  Proverbs, chapter three, from memory while his granddaughter translated some with sign language and his grandson drew on the white board. Others delighted us by playing new instruments, like the Ocarina by Lissa Conner. All the while our Masters of Ceremony, Bryan Rutschman and Peter Hansen, entertained us with their many jokes. I wish that you could have all been there as it was all inspiring and heart-warming.

     We concluded Family Camp with the special baptisms of summer camp teacher Tahlia Harris and her brother Trenton in the refreshing Silver Falls Creek surrounded by
Tahlia and Trenton pictured with their parents and sister, Tawny (right of Trenton)
supportive family and friends. What a gift to be able to stand with them in this pivotal time of their lives.
     Another high point of the summer was that the long term staff (including 91 year old founder Eunice Hansen and 87 year old Grandma Helen Johnson), carved out time to go on our first-ever camping trip together! That may sound funny to some of you since we live at a camp, but we had a beautiful time of morning devotions led by Tim Hansen, water activities led by Peter Riegelmann, scrumptious food planned by the various teams that we broke up into and, even though fires were not allowed, the staff were not concerned as we were "glamping" (glamorous camping) with our propane fireplace taken from the Lamppost deck,  feasting on food prepared on CRC's Traeger grill, and we even surprised Jonny with milkshakes for his birthday made by our barista, Lori Riegelmann!What a blessing to not only work shoulder to shoulder with these remarkable people, but to also play with them side by side.
CRC Staff Camping Trip
Lake Odell 2015

     With the coming of August we delight in the fact that every weekend is brimming with guest groups, so it's 'back to work' for this CRC crew, and what an honor it is to serve God's people in this way. Even on a week day, during the first week of August, we were pleased to host an administrative team from a Christian high school, along with some personal guests, one couple of which is celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary. Another couple came up to volunteer their time. Additionally, we had guests, Nathan and Elijah, who were here to celebrate Elijah's 11th birthday with a sort of  "coming of age" father-son retreat. 
     August also brings a couple of staff family changes that we would appreciate your prayers for. Our daughter, Grace White, will be moving in a few weeks, with her husband, Bryan. We will miss them both very much. Grace has been Tim's and my 'right hand' prayer partner and support in leading the summer staff, organizing our last several newsletters and retreat programs, as well as helping us update our policy manual, creating a new general brochure (which we haven't had in over ten years), and creating organizational forms for some of our HR needs. We praise God for you, Grace!
     Grace was also our Chef  Peter Riegelmann's Assistant Cook, which allowed Peter, during the week, to use some of his other countless skills to head up building CRC's newest tree fort. We are looking for someone to fill that position of Assistant Cook soon. Please let us know if you, or someone you know, would enjoy serving the Lord in this way.
     Also leaving us, for the next step God has for them, are our sons Peter and Josiah. Peter has served in the kitchen and in housekeeping for the last three years while going to high school, and has also taught children's classes during our retreats. He's been working full-time during the last three months washing innumerable pots and pans, cleaning buildings and teaching the children in order to go to Calvary Chapel Bible College in New Zealand. Josiah will also be returning to New Zealand for a one year internship program with the school. We will long for their humor and hugs while they are gone, but we will also miss their dish pan hands! So, if you love to get your hands soapy and clean, pray about joining our staff team. We need help immediately.
     Another send-off is a young man who has become like family to us all. Many of you know Ian Bates, who had joined us again on staff from May through July. He completed a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Germany with a Mission trip to Tanzania, Africa in April, and will be leaving for New Tribes Bible School with a goal to serve in Mission Aviation. So you can see that we are experiencing an empty nest around here at the Center.
     In closing, we at CRC want to say how grateful we are to know all of you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life. We enjoy so much sharing our stories together and praying for one another. It's so good to be a part of the Body of Christ.

See you all again soon!
Julie Hansen

P.S. Grace took pictures during all three weeks of Summer Family Camp and we had a slide show at the end of each week. There are just too many wonderful pictures to choose from!! Here is a link to the slide shows, if you'd like to see more photos. Enjoy!


Volunteer and Employment Opportunities
August 2015


Do you have some extra and time and love landscaping? Here, at CRC, we love to keep our beautiful grounds and trails maintained. We need some help! We'd love it if you would be willing to come help. Enjoy a stay at CRC, delicious food, and some fun as you help us work on the grounds. Please call Sheri to register. 503-873-6743



CRC is in need of an Assistant Cook! This position is 40 hours. Have you always wanted to live at one of the most beautiful places in Oregon while ministering to God's people and doing what you love? Learn more here about qualifications and to download and fill out application.


Men's Retreat
With Troy Meeder
October 16-18th 

Troy Meeder was born and raised in the small town of Redding, California. It was here that he met Kim, now his wife of more than 30 years. At 27 years of age, he began his management career as the Vice President and Human Resources Director of Seaswirl Boat Company. After several years working for Seaswirl, Troy joined Bend Millworks Co. as their Human Resources Director. In 1994, he moved away from the corporate world by joining Westside Church as their Senior High Youth Pastor. The following year, the Meeders witnessed one of their newly rescued horses quietly draw the voice out of a mute child. It was this remarkable experience that inspired them to found Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. Working hard to develop their 8.9 acre property into a place of hope and healing, a unique transformation was set into motion. In a few years, their small ranch blossomed into a nationally renowned non-profit organization. By 2007, Troy chose to leave the landscaping company that he owned and operated to step into the role of Chief Operations Officer. To date, Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch has taken part in over 300 horse rescues and has served over 50,000 children and families, all free of charge.
An avid outdoorsman, Troy spends much of his free time fishing Oregon's rivers and lakes, riding his horse, and hiking with his wife in the Cascade Mountain Range. While balancing his work responsibilities at the ranch, he's also published his first book, 'Average Joe'. In addition, Troy recently completed instruction as a certified horse trainer through Richard Shrake's Resistance Free Horsemanship. He has also been interviewed on Focus on the FamilyFamily Talk Radio, The James Robison Show100 Huntley StreetThe CBS Morning Show, and Grounded with Ryan Dobson.

Retreat begins on evening with dinner at 6:30; retreat ends after lunch on Sunday.
Registration on Friday between 5:00-6:30pm at the Lamppost. 
Suggested donation: (2 nights, 6 meals): $120/person. Deposit $30.

"Praise the Lord! How blessed is the man who fears the Lord, Who greatly delights in His commandments." - Psalms 112:1 (NASB)

Thanksgiving Retreat
With Randy Bridges
November 26-29th

Our speaker this year, Randy Bridges, is currently Director of the C.S. Lewis Institute in Millcreek, Washington with a Doctorate from Biola University. His dissertation was on the"The Relationship of Leadership Practices and the Effect on Church Growth." For six years Randy was the facilitator for the Pastor's Multi-denominational Prayer Summit in 60 cities in the US and Canada. He directed Hope Now Ministries where he hosted a radio show and gave workshops on domestic violence and other related issues. He was a board member for both Vision house (for single women and displaced men) and Good Soil (Ministry to businessmen focused on Evangelism and Lifestyle). He has married to his wife Marcia for 40 years and has one married son.

So combine your family with the CRC family and truly celebrate the Lord with hearts of joy and thankfulness. Join us for a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner, ministry, worship and more... a real 'Family Thanksgiving'! This is a very special weekend focused on giving thanks to God for all that he has done for us over the past year. 

The CRC Staff will share skits, stories and songs of thanksgiving on Thursday afternoon in the Rotunda. After an evening meal of turkey sandwiches, you and your family will have the opportunity to present a song, skit or testimony - some creative offering of thanks to God for his goodness. We would like each family group to prepare something ahead of time to share with the group. It's a LOT of fun and very inspirational as well! We always enjoy this evening when our guests take "center stage."  

Each evening begins with a time of worship for the entire family. In the afternoons you will have the opportunity to enjoy making a Christmas wreath or just relax and fellowship.
"Give thanks to the Lord for he is good! His love endures forever!" Now that's really something to be thankful for.

Registration: 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Thanksgiving Day at the Main Lodge
Thanksgiving dinner at 1:00 PM. CRC will provide the turkey and trimmings.
Suggested donation:(3 nights,10 meals)$130/adult, $65/child 7-12, $30/child 3-6, 0-3 are free.
Deposit: $135/family, $65/couple, $30/single. 

**SPECIAL NOTE** When you register, please use the "comment box" to tell what kind of salad or pie your family will be bringing to share so we can plan accordingly. Thank you!



Our newest addition opened in July 2011.

We are so blessed to offer another place of ministry at CRC.

It's such a joy to see people share and laugh over a latte,

Lori Riegelmann~Barista

to pray together or just peruse  the bookstore. 






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Tim & Julie Hansen and the CRC Staff
Tim & Julie
Tim and Julie Hansen Directors~CRC


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