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August 2015
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How To Get More Value Out Of Your Employee Engagement Survey: Part 1 - Ask The Right Questions!
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How To Get More Value Out Of Your Employee Engagement Survey:
Part 1 - Ask The Right Questions!
Employee engagement surveys are a potentially enormously valuable source of actionable insights about how to improve employee engagement and business results. This potential, however, too often goes unrealized, because many HR departments are stuck in out-of-date ways of thinking about what engagement surveys can and should do for their organization. 

In the end, getting more value out of engagement surveys also requires clever analysis of your survey results and compelling reporting on the findings (topics we will cover in subsequent newsletters). 

But first, you've got to start by asking the right questions!

There are four points to keep front and center in the design of your employee survey: 

1.  Your survey "real estate" is a valuable commodity - so use it wisely. You'll get more responses and more accurate answers when you keep your surveys fairly short. 

2.  You should ask questions that fall into two different broad categories: outcomes and diagnostic items.

3.  The outcomes questions should be carefully chosen, small in number, and focused on your organization's key business goals. These include, but should also go beyond, employee engagement. 

4.  The vast majority of your survey real estate should be devoted to diagnostic questions, because that is where the actionable insights will be found. Diagnostic items are designed to get employees' assessments on a wide range of workplace elements that might be helping to drive (or impede) key outcomes.

And how do you find out which diagnostic items are the ones driving the outcomes?  Stay tuned - that's a topic for next month's newsletter!
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