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Keep cancer in check by knowing your risk factors, getting regular screenings and watching for warning signs.
Cancer in its earliest stage

Stage zero cancer is sometimes called pre-cancer, and it almost always becomes full-blown if not properly treated. When she was just 43, Vickie Hicks of Springfield detected breast cancer in its earliest stage.

Vickie Hicks  
 Vickie's Story: I tell everyone that early detection is key

The facts about cancer screenings


Screenings are important tools to help discover many types of cancer at the earliest possible stage, giving you the best chance of being treated successfully. Find out which screenings the American Cancer Society - and CoxHealth - recommend for your age:

Keep cancer in check  


Ages 20-39 

Ages 40-49 

Ages 50 and older  


The Power of Pink

Ladies, take the first step in fighting breast cancer and call 269-LADY to schedule your mammogram at CoxHealth. We offer multiple locations and appointments that fit easily into your busy schedule.   







Are food and cancer related?


Can eating foods with lycopene prevent cancer? Will eating processed meats cause cancer? Dodi Thomas, dietitian with Hulston Cancer Center, answers commonly asked questions about the connections between cancer and nutrition. 


Podcast: Commonly asked questions about cancer and food   





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Healthy recipes

Butternut Squash Lasagna  

Lasagna doesn't have to be a forbidden food. This butternut squash version cuts out the fat found in traditional lasagna.


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