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December, 2013  
Volume 10, issue 2   
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Elegant Organization
Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

A New Year is upon us!


Isn't it time to compost the past and create space, ease, alignment and order in all areas of your life?    


Clutter competes for your attention. 


Are you tired from sorting through piles of papers, disorganized, digital files, cluttered e-mail, gadgets and objects you no longer use, stuffed closets, cabinets, broken, unused items and old furniture.

Imagine. . .

~A Fully efficient functioning business & home office systems and technology


~An uplifting, uncluttered home environment that truly is a Landing Place for the Soul™


~Less stuff, more freedom!


~Setting Clarity & Peace of Mind as Your Highest Goal, and Organizing Your Life Around It  

How does that FEEL?

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Lean In 
One of the highlights for me at Dreamforce 2013  was hearing Sheryl Sandberg speak about women, business, and power, gender differences, and cultural assumptions.

I've just joined the
Lean In community!

Studies show that we  we learn and grow in community, and achieve more in groups!  

Stay tuned for more information on the community circle I will be starting in 2014.


Beautiful December Greetings to You!

Another year is coming  to an end. . . and the Good News? It's December,  2013- and we're still here!

I believe that our greatest spiritual need as human beings is the desire for mutual recognition. I'm feeling ever so grateful to all those who "leaned in" me this past year: clients, associates, and friends.

And ever so hopeful for a new year!

2014 is feeling EXPANSIVE-and that's my theme for 2014:

EXPANDING into What's Possible  (and we know anything is possible with clear intention, focus, integrity and action!

It's time for all of us to think big, be big, live big, and bring forth what it is you are here to do on this planet, now, in this time!

And so that we can all expand together, I'm offering a few ways to help you do this in as we enter 2014~with business strategy coaching sessions, upgrading your web/social media content, and finally with some organizational alchemy.  

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season filled with ease, grace and beauty. Offer your heart. Share your Big dream. Stay open, curious and fully engaged.   

Your presence IS  the greatest gift! 

All love, all ways!  Happy Holidays!  

Lean In to Expand in 2014

As many of you know, I'm a wildly effective and resourceful networker. I love connecting transformative ideas/business plans with investors, conscious entrepreneurs with clients and resources and, big businesses with service providers (and I love managing these projects!)

With the year coming to an end, you are probably already thinking of what you want to create in your life and your business in the new year.

Yet, before you do this, take some time to write down your personal and professional accomplishments in 2013. Be sure to take the time to sit with how much you have achieved, and to offer acknowledgement and appreciation to all those who played a role in your success.

To assist you or your team with your 2014 business goals, I invite you to Lean In with Me with a 3 session strategic business consulting package where I will provide you with  laser focused consulting and an action plan for 2014~
All for only $295 through the month of January. (that's 40% off!)
These potent SKYPE sessions include a pre-assessment questionaire where we will review:
  • your accomplishments in the past year
  • your financial goals
  • client profiles
  • your overall operational infrastructure, office environment, and time management
  • your marketing message, web presence, and social networking
By the end of your third session, you will have a solid action plan for 2014, along with the opportunity to continue working with me.   How does it get any better than this?!

Sign up today-  one-to-one Skype sessions begin January 8.