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Issue: 18
Mar. 2016
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Upcoming Events
March 14th - Women's Leadership Annual Membership Meeting - 6:00 - 8:00 PM 

March 16th - Let's Talk Playgroup - 10:00 - 11:30 AM 

April 22nd - Power of the Purse Luncheon - 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM 

April 22nd - Power of the Purse Dinner - 5:00 PM 

April 25th - Let's Talk Playgroup 5:00 -6:30 PM

June 24th - Day of Caring
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DeKalb County Bison has arrived!
The Auburn Atrium Artists and United Way of DeKalb County welcomed the DeKalb County Bison on Friday, February 12th! This 5 feet tall, 8 feet long fiberglass bison weighs about 100 pounds and will be located at the Auburn Atrium Marketplace, located at 106 W. 6th St. and decorated by the Auburn Atrium Artists, Shellie Bellinger, Pat Delagrange, Rebecca Justice-Schaab, Sandy Kessler, Nina Bennett and Toni McAlhany.  The artists are planning to have the bison on display for the public to stop by and view the progress of the artwork!  

The life-size, (5 feet tall, 8 feet long, and 100 pounds) white fiberglass bison was hauled by trailer to Auburn Atrium Marketplace at 106 W. 6th St., where local Atrium Artists group will paint it with a motif of cars, trains, airplanes, crops, farm equipment, flowers, the courthouse facade and a tree with a child reading beneath it to depict the theme, "DeKalb County Transportation Hub."

Once completed, the bison will be displayed in communities in the county and will be part of the state's bicentennial torch relay in the fall. Indiana's bison public art pieces will be highlighted along the Bicentennial Torch Relay route, running from Sept. 9 through Oct. 15 and culminating in Indiana's Statehood Day on Dec.11, 2016.

An officially endorsed legacy project, the "Bison-tennial Public Art Project," aims to celebrate Indiana's rich history in the state's 200th year.

Please stop by the Atrium Marketplace to visit the DeKalb County Bison! 
Volunteer Spotlight: Sue Carpenter 
Sue Carpenter has been involved with United Way of DeKalb County since January 2000.  Sue serves on the Board of Directors, and the Power of the Purse, and Events and Marketing committees.  

Sue is involved with the United Way because she believes the UW helps so many people in many ways.  The partner agencies cover a wide spectrum of needs in the community from birth (Children First Center) through seniors (RSVP) and everyone in between.  "Knowing that you played a part in giving a hand up to someone who in turns does the same for others along the way. It's a pay if forward experience," Sue shares.

Sue has also been involved in various community groups and organizations for many years.  She is involved with her church, Auburn and Garrett downtown business associations, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Heritage Days, Garrett Museum of Art, Garrett Rotary Club, and others.  She works for KPC Media. 

If you are someone looking to get involved in volunteering Sue says: "Find a need in the community that you are passionate about and see how you can help.  Sometimes just dipping your toe in the volunteer pond leads to total submersion! Give it a try."  

On behalf of United Way of DeKalb County, we would like to thank Sue Carpenter for her time and effort in supporting her community! 
Kindergarten Countdown Camp Update
Our first Kindergarten Countdown Campers are now halfway through 1st grade! Sixteen of the children who attended KCC in the Summer of 2014 attend JE Ober Elementary School. Fifty percent of these students reached the average of their class in reading; four reached the High Average Range on Northwest Evaluation Association testing. 

"We are very proud of these students, especially when considering that they were our most at-risk students coming into school as Kindergarteners. These students are scoring in the seventieth percentile compared to National Norms-meaning in a group of 100 kids, they scored better than 70 of them!" stated Tonya Weaver, Director of Administration and Innovation in the Garrett-Keyser-Butler CSD.

We checked in with Kade to find out how Kindergarten Countdown Camp (KCC) made a difference for him. Mrs. Hirchak, Kade's Kindergarten teacher, said, "Kindergarten Countdown Camp was a great kick start to his Kindergarten year!  I think it was a matter of being exposed to academic standards.  He came in and was ready to learn!"

Kade's mom said, "He loves school and is doing great. I love all of the extra supports offered to get him started off on the right foot!" 

Because of success stories like Kade and through your generosity, the United Way of DeKalb County hopes to double the number of children who attend Kindergarten Countdown Camps across the county during the Summer of 2016! We will continue to partner with leaders and educators from all three school districts to make this possible. We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to begin school ready to learn and with the confidence that they CAN be successful!
Thank you for helping us give Kade and so many other children the boost they need to hit the ground running when schools open their doors in August 2016.
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