FIENS Annual Meeting:

From left to right:
Ravneet Kaur, Executive Director 
Dr. Robert Dempsey, Chairman 
Dr. David Fairholm, Board Member
Grant E. Gauger, Board Member

Chair Summation
Scholarship, Site Support, Site Visit Team
and Donation Security

by Robert Dempsey, MD, FACS


The annual meeting of the Board of the Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery met on March 7, 2015, in. We welcomed back from Indonesia, one of our esteemed board members, Dr. David Fairholm, whose impact was immediately seen with his experience in global education. The meeting also marked some significant changes as we welcomed Roger Hartl to the Board. Dr. Peter Nakaji has replaced Dr. Dan Kelly as Vice Chairman and Michael Haglund  is now Volunteer Coordinator, in place of Dr. Gail Rosseau. Dr. Kelly and Dr. Rosseau will remain as Board members of FIENS.

A major focus of the meeting was on four proposals to set the missions for FIENS in the coming year. We have had a marked improvement in our financial picture which allows us to take on larger responsibilities.  


  • The first, and probably and most important proposal, is the Bassett FIENS Foundation Scholarship. This program is dedicated to using scholarship monies to further, and sometimes ...

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Zanzibar Hospital
Opening Ceremony 
Opening ceremony for Zanzibar's
new hospital.
From left to right:
1st VP of Zanzibar, Seif Sharif Hamad

Pres. of Zanzibar, Dr Mohamed Ali Shein
Dr Moody Qureshi

Proposals for Expansion of
FIENS Services

Four-Part Plan to Increase Patient Care

by Robert Dempsey, MD, FACS


The following is a four-part plan generated to increase patient care through neurosurgical education in the developing world. We aim to increase the services which FIENS can supply to our global health neurosurgical training sites to maximize efficiency of education and allow the opportunity to revolutionize training and patient care in the countries of our developmental sites. These programs are to focus major fundraising to allow individual and directed donation to programs as well as assure the viability and educational quality of the FIENS training of sites in the developing world.


1. Electronic education and web-based linking
of dyad sites


The primary principle of FIENS is to establish and sustain neurosurgical training programs in the developing world. To do this we must have a strategy which emphasizes continuity of education. Our program has identified one strategy; that of developing dyads between training programs in the developed world with our training sites in the developing world...


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Mr. Bassett with patients in Haiti

Announcing the Bassett FIENS Foundation Scholarship

Supporting Neurosurgical Training in North America


FIENS is proud to announce the initiation of the Bassett FIENS Foundation Scholarship. Named in honor of community board member Mr. Dick Bassett, this scholarship will enable neurosurgeons from FIENS-sponsored programs in developing countries to travel to neurosurgery training programs in North America for a period of 3 months. Costs for airline flights, housing, food, and living expenses will be provided. Future scholarship recipients may also be senior neurosurgery residents who will use scholarship funds to travel to FIENS-sponsored training programs in developing countries.


Mr. Bassett joined FIENS as a community board member in 2014. In December, 2014 he participated in a neurosurgery mission led by Dr. David Sandberg, Secretary of FIENS, to provide neurosurgery care to children in Haiti with hydrocephalus. In the enclosed photos, Mr. Bassett is shown assisting with patients in the clinic and outside the operating rooms with Dr. Sandberg. Dr. Sandberg recalls, "Mr. Bassett was an amazing addition to our team. He came with a suitcase full of teddy bears for the pediatric patients, most of whom have no toys of their own. There was no task too small for him. He worked all day cleaning surgical instruments and scrubbing the operating room floors clean in between surgical cases. His compassion and enthusiasm inspired and lifted up our whole team."


Mr. Bassett has decided to sponsor this scholarship based upon his belief that all patients throughout the world should have access to first-rate neurosurgery care and that the best way to ensure this is to provide first-rate training to neurosurgeons from developing countries. We thank Mr. Bassett for his generosity and his compassion, and we are excited to accept applications for the first Bassett FIENS Foundation scholarship recipients!

Dr. Bassett and Dr. Sandberg

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