Twinning Programs - Metrics of Success

Partners and Progress in Neurosurgical Education


Achieving sustainable neurosurgical expertise and independence in the developing world is the major goal
of FIENS. Success is often hard to measure in such efforts and does
not come easily. However, we are certainly making progress. Herein
we highlight three amazing programs
that are helping advance neurosurgical healthcare around the world. We believe such "Twinning Programs" are a sustainable model for international collaboration and education in neurosurgery. 
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New Community
Board Members
Marc Lipton

Marc joined TorQuest Partners
in 2004 and is currently leading TorQuest's investment as a Dicrector of Array Marketing Group and Global Traffic Technologies. Marc has been
a private equity investor and operator in a wide range of industries. His investment experience includes his tenure
 as a Vice President at Working Ventures Canadian Fund, where he co-founded the acquisitions group focusing on owner-managed businesses. Outside TorQuest, Marc serves as a Director at the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation.


Dick Bassett

In 1980 Dick relocated to Miami, Florida to open Bassett Boat Company of Florida, which ultimately grew to be one of the largest, most successful Sea Ray dealership in the world. Bassett Boat Company of Florida became the acquiring dealer in a large roll-up and merger and Dick and team took the company public on the NYSE in June 1998. Dick retired in 2002.


Richard and Susan Clack


Richard and Susan Clack run
the Clack Family Foundation for philanthropic pursuits in Windsor Wisconsin. Their understanding of the medical needs for the less fortunate, the need to advocate and develop for these people, 
as well as the global interests both in their business and philanthropic work led to their membership on the FIENS Board. Richard is President and CEO of the Clack Corporation of Windsor Wisconsin, a solid progressive force in the water treatment field and a leader in plastic processing. They are a family owned US-based company providing water treatment capabilities worldwide to ensure water quality for developing 
and developed societies. We welcome their contribution to
the FIENS Board and especially with their global and health related interests! 


Board Meeting Synopsis 

by Robert J. Dempsey, MD



The Annual Board Meeting of the Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery was
held March 8, 2014, at O'Hare Airport. This was a historic meeting in many ways. It marked the inauguration of Community Members to our Board and their input had
profound impact.
Front row (left to right): John Ragheb, Ben Kennedy, Peter Nakaji, Mark Bernstein, Robert Dempsey, David Sandberg, Gail Rosseau, Ravneet Kaur

Back row (left to right): Marc Lipton, Dan Kelly, Richard Clack, Grant Gauger, Paul Young, Michael Haglund, Jose Piquer, Jack Rock, Sue Clack, Dick Bassett


Major issues covered at the board meeting included the expansion of the new membership categories. General Members will be especially encouraged to recruit future volunteers and to provide them with access to the educational and organizational materials of FIENS.


The Board Members remain the same, but the addition
of a Community Board is profoundly important for the specialized expertise that these laypeople bring to the board in addition to considerable help in development efforts.


The Treasurer reported a significant increase in our development efforts during the past year which may allow us to have adequate funding for staffing and development of programs to be incorporated and relate to the neurosurgical curriculum at active sites.


Additional committee reports included:

  • The Communications Committee explained the ongoing development of the new website and our quarterly newsletters. The Communications Committee manages the portal on our website which includes both the electronic toolkit and curriculum resources for those interested in web-based education.
  • The Membership Services Committee is developing both the Toolkit and the specific 4-year Curriculum, which can be modified to fit individual training sites.They are also compiling a list of recent international activity and looking into the possibility of coordinating equipment donations through other organizations.
  • The Partnership Committee expanded on this work through significant efforts with the AANS and CNS regarding equipment, and with the WFNS regarding curriculum and regional teaching sites.
  • The Volunteer Committee expanded its efforts in resident participation, encouraging residents to participate at selected sites and to become lifelong members of FIENS.    

Overall, significant progress has been made on the objectives of FIENS over the past year. This includes expanding its role in developing, coordinating, and maintaining the training of neurosurgeons throughout the developing world and working carefully to partner with
a variety of organizations from universities to NPO's and local governments. The work of the board will continue throughout the year and Board Members will continue meeting periodically at national meetings, electronically, and through conference calls.   


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