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Student inspects a model at Weill Cornell Brain
and Spine Neurotrauma Course

While the Foundation has had major

impact over the last several decades, the ability for FIENS to support the development of neurosurgical training programs has entered a new era of growth, facilitating more sustainable neurosurgical training programs in developing countries. Our goal is to make FIENS the portal for neuro-surgical volunteerism world-wide.


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Mission in Tanzania

2013 Update from Mwanza and

Dar es Salaam

by Philip E. Steig, MD, PhD


have just returned from a remarkable trip to Tanzania, and I wanted to share the experience with you. As you may know the Department of Neurosurgery here at Weill Cornell Medical College has a very special partnership with the Bugando Hospital in Mwanza. Five years ago our chief of spinal surgery and neurotrauma, Dr. Roger Härtl, started the Mission in Tanzania as a way of delivering desperately needed...full story

Nepal Trip Report

by Jonathan Grossberg, MD


I recently completed a trip to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) hospital in Kathmandu this past April 2013. As stated in the reviews before, the program consists of two senior consultant/attendings (Dr Shilpakar and Dr Sharma), a junior attending (Dr. Gopal Sedain). In addition, there are 3 neurosurgical residents (Maya, Ali, and Amit) who have all completed standard Nepalese general surgery residencies (3 years) and are enrolled in a 3 year Neurosurgery residency.


The hospital is lucky for its large amount of pathology. In one clinic alone, I saw four large CPA masses, as well as many other interesting cases. Unfortunately, the team only has 2 OR days a week and often...full story




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For almost 45 years, FIENS has focused its efforts on neurosurgical volunteerism in the developing world, providing hands-on education and training and fostering the growth of residency training programs in under-served areas. As we enter a time of revolutionary change in healthcare, communication, and education in neurosurgery, FIENS is also transforming itself.


In order to expand our ranks and the reach of FIENS we have created a new General Member category for a modest annual contribution of $100. We encourage you and your colleagues to become FIENS members and lend your support to this international effort.


In addition to helping a great international effort propel forward, members will have access to additional support for volunteer activities. A new on-line volunteer "toolkit" has been developed to help neurosurgeons prepare for their experience abroad and to make the most of their efforts in developing training sites. Meanwhile, the new Resident Member category allows residents and fellows to participate in FIENS activities and gain an early familiarity with neurosurgical volunteerism and philanthropy. Join FIENS now.


Philip E. Steig, MD, PhD performing and instructing
a microsurgical tumor resection  

The FIENS Website is 
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FIENS is entering a new era of global reach that aims to impact more developing neurosurgical training programs world-wide. A major thrust of this effort is through improved web-based communication and knowledge dissemination via the newly enhanced FIENS website.


Over the last 6 months, we have updated the website in several key ways. First, we have added the volunteer "toolkit" which provides an extensive resource on the logistics and philosophy of volunteerism, including the volunteer application, responsibilities and expectations, teaching aids, recent volunteer reports and several excellent articles that reflect upon the volunteer mindset. 


Second, we are continually updating active FIENS sites across 25 countries, with recent volunteer reports and current country information. 


Third, we have made it easier for potential volunteers to join FIENS with our new General Membership category (for only $100) and we have made it easier for you to donate to FIENS. In 2014 the website will be further enhanced with the addition of a global calendar that will provide a real-time snapshot of FIENS activities around the world.  


FIENS is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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