Merwyn Bagan
A Decade of Dedication and Service to FIENS
One of the most distinguished people in global health, Dr. Merwyn Bagan has stepped down as Chair of FIENS after a ten-year contribution of leadership and service. Dr. Bagan's efforts have revolutionized FIENS into an organization dedicated to making sustainable contributions, developing infrastructure in educational programs, and building lasting relationships among neurosurgeons globally. Dr. Bagan's association with...
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Merwyn Bagan (center front) at the DPRK (North Korea)


Duke Uganda Neurosurgery Update

Michael M. Haglund, MD

The Duke Mulago partnership entered its seventh year with a trip to New Mulago Hospital in January of 2013.  A twenty-three member neurosurgery team consisting of Neurosurgeons, CRNAs, operating and Recovery Room, NeuroICU, and floor nurses along with biomedical engineers performed twenty-five
neurosurgical procedures and...
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Neurosurgical Volunteerism
in Managua, Nicaragua:

The "Barrow Beyond
Borders" Effort

Peter Nakaji, MD, Ravneet Kaur



The Hospital Escuela Antonio Lenin Fonseca in Managua, Nicaragua, is an active FIENS site supporting a busy neurosurgery teaching program, which is the only neurosurgery residency program in the country. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America (after only Haiti). Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI) neurosurgeons have partnered with a number of individual neurosurgeons and FIENS to improve the education in neurosurgery and advance the care for patients at this site with a goal for increased self-sufficiency.


In January of 2012 an exploratory group from the Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI), including philanthropist Tom Bible representing the Bible Family Foundation, visited the neurosurgery training program there. Their goal...full story




Chairman's Message: Robert Dempsey, MD    


After almost 45 years, FIENS has focused its efforts on neurosurgical volunteerism in the developing world, providing hands-on education and training and fostering the growth of residency training programs in under-served areas of the world. While the Foundation has had major impact over the...full story

Robert Dempsey performing surgery

FIENS Board and Membership  
New Structure and Categories



FIENS New Board Structure


Since it was established in 1969, FIENS has carried out its primary mission by sending neurosurgeon volunteers and equipment to neurosurgical residency training programs in the developing world. As we enter a time of revolutionary change in healthcare, communication, and education in neurosurgery, FIENS is also transforming itself. Major organizational changes have been undertaken with the leadership of Robert Dempsey and the FIENS officers and Board. The current Board composed of neurosurgeons will retain operational responsibility for the organization, driving forward a slate of changes with a renewed vigor and commitment. 


In addition, a Community Board has been established composed of leaders in other fields, such as education, communications, logistics, health care, and philanthropy. Directors who serve on the Community Board will be charged with enhancing the way we accomplish our mission, bringing a new level of expertise and competencies to FIENS. All Directors on both boards have made a commitment to a generous cash contribution to FIENS as part of their service. We are grateful for their support.



FIENS New Membership Categories


In order to better engage volunteers and the mission
as a whole, FIENS has created a new General Member 

category. We encourage you and any like-minded colleagues to become a FIENS member and lend your support. In addition to a chance to propel forward a great effort, members will gain access to additional support for volunteer trips. A new on-line "toolkit" will help neurosurgeon volunteers join an existing site or develop

a brand-new one. Meanwhile, a new Resident Member category will allow residents and fellows to participate
in FIENS activities and gain an early familiarity with neurosurgical volunteerism and philanthropy. While the new category of General Member involves a modest annual tax-deductible* contribution of $100, there is a hardship exemption that anyone who cannot afford to pay it can apply for.


FIENS is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.



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