Warmest Holiday Wishes and Heart-Felt Thanks   
As Thanksgiving approaches, it seems particularly timely to say "THANK YOU" to each of you for your invaluable support of the Nick Wilson Charitable Group. The community that has grown out of our work is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and additional proof that giving is often more rewarding than receiving. From volunteer hours, to event planning and participation, to cash and in-kind donations, every single contribution makes it possible for
us to help families in their time of need.
As an example of how your donations impact the families whom
we support, here is a note of gratitude NWCG recently received from
one of our families:
"We were so grateful to receive the bag of goodies, and the discharge kit was super helpful as we commuted back and forth to the hospital after my child's bone marrow transplant.  As recipients of your financial support, please know how very, very grateful we are to you and the foundation for helping our family through this challenging time. Thanks for all the good you are doing!"

With special appreciation for all of you, I am pleased to report that the impact for NWCG's 2014-2015 year was significant; we provided:
  • Family Grants ($1500) to 26 families undergoing blood and marrow transplantation to help defray excessive costs during treatment,
  • More than 500 gas and grocery gift cards were distributed to any family in need receiving treatment in the Children's Cancer Center,
  • 12 patient's families received more than $4,500 in financial support to pay for fertility preservation procedures for their child
  • 25 Care Kits were distributed to transplant families to help make their long hospital stay during transplant a little more comfortable.
Your gifts directly supported hundreds of families during an exceedingly difficult time in their lives. THANK YOU!
This community's generosity continues to inspire me, and I am profoundly grateful. Donors near and far continue to validate the important work we are doing. Thank you for your passion for an organization that's truly making a difference in people's lives.

In gratitude,
Jill Metz
President & Founder

      Please Consider Making a Donation     
Your donations enable us to keep fulfilling our promise to help families during one of the most difficult times of their lives...we couldn't do this without you!  
  • $50 donation - Helps to fill a family's gas tank so they can drive to and from thehospital for treatment or buys a week's worth of groceries for a patient's siblings. 
  • $100 donation - Pays for a Care Kit for a family when their child is admitted to Doernbecher Children's Hospital for blood or marrow transplantation. Each kit contains fun goodies and necessary supplies to help the family during their long hospital stay.
  • $250 DonationAssists families with monthly phone or utility bills.
  • $500 Donation - Covers the cost of lab procedures that may, for instance, help preserve
    a child's fertility.
  • $1,000 Donation - Contributes to a family's rent, mortgage or hotel costs while achild is undergoing cancer treatment. 
  • $5,000 Donation - Helps multiple families navigating their child's cancer treatment and/or bone marrow or cord blood transplant. 

2016 glassybaby roadshow

10% from the sale of each "toy soldier" glassybaby will
be donated to the glassybaby white light fund in
further support of the Nick Wilson Charitable Group.

Hope to see you there!
14th Annual Nick Wilson Charitable Group Memorial Golf Scramble

Join us for a fun day of golf to raise money to support children going through treatment at the Children's Cancer Center and Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Program at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon.


National Bone Marrow Awareness Month

November is National Bone Marrow Awareness Month. Every 5 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer and every 10 minutes, blood cancer takes a precious life. Furthermore, children are the group most widely affected by leukemia and a bone marrow transplant may be their only hope for a second chance at life.  

Every year, more than 10,000 men, women and children could benefit from a bone marrow transplant. About 70 percent of patients must rely on an unrelated donor to offer them this precious gift of life. Currently, only 3 out of 10 patients will receive the transplant that could save their life.

Finding a compatible donor is the largest barrier in saving the lives of those with blood cancers, such as leukemia and lymphoma. It is always a challenge given that certain tissue traits of the donor and the recipient must match.  Because "tissue type" is inherited like skin and eye color, patients are most likely to find a match from someone of a similar ethnic background.  Thus, patients from minority ethnic backgrounds are far less likely than Caucasians to find a matched donor because many minority groups are under-represented in the national bone marrow registry.  

This bone marrow donor drive is also an important step towards recruiting bone marrow donors from all races and ethnicities to help diversify the donor pool, so that all patients have a fair chance at finding their life-saving donor match. 

                                                                                 TO LEARN MORE ABOUT BEING A DONOR CLICK HERE 

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