Nov - Dec  2012 issue

What are your top reward risks?

'Employees don't appreciate the value of their total reward offering' This top challenge from the latest CIPD Reward risks survey raises the question on what employers are doing to address the issue  




Welcome to the last issue of Just Rewards for 2012. In this newsletter for HR and reward professionals we look at how we can manage risk when rewarding our employees. 

We've asked Keith Waitt, a risk management specialist based in New York, to consider the dilemma evident in the financial services industry, but also relevant elsewhere. If risk-taking achieves growth, how should we reward risk-taking activities? 


In this issue:

Guest feature on balanced diet of risk        and reward  

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Keith Waitt of Consultancy Matters LLC, a risk management training consultancy writes: "Motivating Bankers: Balancing a Diet of Risk and Reward"


Banks take risks. That is how they make money. To be competitive, banks also need to innovate, introducing further levels of risk. Risk aversion, therefore, has no place in a long-term growth strategy of a bank (or any company for that matter). 

The recent financial crisis was a clear demonstration of the "irrational exuberance" of risk taking in the western banking world. New innovative products were created, billions of pounds of risk were added on to bank balance sheets, and rewards (to the banks at least) were bountiful.

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News and updates


■ "Sylvia's Employee Benefits video gives Remco top tips".VIDEO: Sylvia Doyle on executive pay  Employee BenefitsReward managers must work with remuneration committees to ensure there are clear rules of engagement, said Sylvia Doyle, director, Reward First People Consulting.


■ The latest CIPD reward risk survey 
reveals that 'attraction and retention of key employees' has fallen out of the top ten list of concerns for the first time since the survey began in 2010, while 'increasing pensions costs' has crept in to the top ten for the first time.
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