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Thank you for sharing a few moments of your day with us!  This quarter we would like to introduce you to a new and easier way to submit your Purchase Order and our new product 
BARAD-658™ cement additive. 
Save Time, Reduce Errors with the new PDF Purchase Order Form

In our continuing effort to provide distinctive service quality to each of our Authorized Retailers, Baroid Industrial Drilling Products' Customer Service Team has developed a new customized approach to place your orders.  Introducing the new, easy to use, personalized Baroid IDP PDF Purchase Order form.


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Feature Product: BARAD-658™ Cement Additive


BARAD-658™ cement additive is designed for cement systems consisting of construction grade Portland cement and water. Based on a 15.6 lbs/gal (1.87 SG) slurry design, this additive imparts filtration control with a fast, even dispersion of the cement in water. It is suitable for use in development of annular seals, well abandonment and placement of directional wedges.

BARAD-658 Product Data Sheet

Cement Additive Can Save Time and Money


BARAD-658 cement additive has been designed to create easily dispersed cement slurries with excellent filtration control.  Read about the product's recent success with Resolution Copper.

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