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Workforce Matters: Performance Management Bridges Leadership Gap

We hope you are as excited as we are about the opportunity to "work hard at work worth doing", and engaged in your pursuit of perfection. As we strive to achieve the goals we have set, one of the most important assets we need to invest in is our people.

In this February edition of the HRG Newsletter, Strategic Training Solutions president Laura McNerney reviews emerging trends in measuring performance, and the management strategies that organizations have developed to improve productivity, reduce employee turnover and increase job satisfaction.

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Performance Management: Revving Up Your Economic Engine

Businesses and organizations across a broad swath of industries have increasingly turned to their Human Resource departments to leverage their people to establish and sustain a competitive advantage. From employee evaluations to workforce development, deploying and supporting human capital has become a central focus for companies to continue their efforts to grow in an improving economy. � 

Cornell HR Review, this approach involves (1) employee participation in, and control over the design of their work processes and performance metrics (2) active and ongoing dialogue among all relevant stakeholders, and (3) a steady flow of mutually desirable outcomes. This important article cites the many successful paths organizations can pursue to achieve their “ultimate goal of developing talent to meet the changing needs of the business” and that “regardless of the approach taken, inclusion of these attributes and the support of leadership underpin success”.

Performance Management is Getting a Makeover

This year’s Academy Awards recognized the many people who played a part in the work that culminated in those highly coveted Oscar nominations, from actors in leading roles to those who worked behind the scenes. Along the way, Directors and Producers were fully engaged and focused on bringing out the best in these people to achieve their ultimate goal.� This is true of any organization that aspires to win an Oscar in their chosen field, as they realize the importance of the ongoing investment that is needed to guide and support their people and help them reach their maximum potential.

At HRG’s Strategic Training Solutions, we are hearing from a growing number of clients who realize the importance of pursuing a more hands-on approach to develop their workforce as a strategy to improve their bottom line.� “We always have our ear to the ground about innovations in workforce development" said Laura McNerney, President of STS.� "Over the past year, our more forward thinking clients have reached out to us to help them refresh or redesign their Performance Management process”. Laura and her team have worked to simplify and shift traditional performance management processes to a more focused coaching and development-oriented approach.

McNerney cites recent research on the neurology and psychology of work that have largely failed to achieve their performance goals, as they rely solely on ratings, rankings and annual evaluations without an ongoing commitment to performance management and coaching.� “The growing focus on specific skill development, and the desire to promote leaders from within their ranks have made it more important than ever to focus on talent mobility. As companies look to cultivate highly valued employees, they need to become more immersed in the process of supporting their people in a more competitive job market”.� McNerney also recognizes the challenges of implementing this approach, as some managers may underestimate the demands of a process that requires new demands and accountabilities, as coaching and feedback exchange are an ongoing process.

Performance Management Training Solutions

To help companies realize the untapped potential of their entire workforce, STS offers two workshops- Owning Your Development, and Supporting Your Employees’ Development.� These highly interactive workshops help employees and managers increase their individual contributions to their organizations, and further establish and enhance the link between work satisfaction and job performance.

Think your Performance Management strategy needs a fresh approach? The HRG Strategic Training Solutions team is here to help you! To learn more about our custom designed workforce training and staff development solutions, call us at Hospitality Resource Group at (914) 761-7111 or email Renee Fogarty at [email protected].

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