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Summer Event Planning: Leaning Forward, Looking Back

As we head into the summer months following a busy spring season, many of us will be taking a well-deserved break from the responsibilities of planning and managing high profile events. And while we could all use the down time, forward-thinking event companies and meeting planners use this time to evaluate how their event plans compared to their ability to achieve their strategic goals, before their memories fade away like the sun setting on a warm and beautiful day.

Strategic Event Planning-Prelude to Post Game

When it comes to event planning, it is important to recognize the importance of engaging partners as early as possible and working together to achieve your goals. Think and act like you are literally sitting at the same side of the table, as when it comes to producing the ultimate event, pulling in the same direction will be a year-round effort. This past spring, Hospitality Resource Group�led the planning, development, production and management of a number of high profile events, working�in partnership with major corporations, not for profit organizations and healthcare leaders, including Lutheran Hospital, Pace University, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, the Foundation for Empowering Citizens with Autism (FECA),� Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester, and the Westchester County Association�HealthTech 2014.

Event Management Leadership

HRG has been managing major events for over 17 years, and our team has picked up a few tips along the way in producing quality programs. According to HRG CEO Michael Lattari, the keys to success in developing a successful strategic event management plan include:

  1. Celebrate your Success!- Too often we move on and fail to recognize the many people who have contributed to our end result. It is important to communicate our appreciation to those who work behind the scenes, from volunteers to board members and strategic partners.

  2. Post Game/Pre Game Planning- The most underrated meeting of the year is the one that follows your event! This meeting should be approached with the level of focus and priority it deserves, as it lays the foundation for success as you prepare for next year's event. Careful consideration should be given to taking notes and minutes, and engaging in an open and honest dialogue about the�outcomes, detached from any emotion that may cloud your vision and keep you from improving your results. As sound�event planning takes time and effort, you need to be as efficient as possible�to�achieve�the�goals you set, and remain within your budget. Start with�"Backward Planning", and�begin with setting a timeline that�starts with your�event date,�working back until�you reach your�first goal.�

  3. Relationship-Building- When it comes to producing a successful event, an all-in attitude is most important when it comes to engaging and communicating with donors, honorees, role players, volunteers, board members and more. These relationships should be developed and nurtured all along, to make sure you are in a position to reach out for help when you need it.

  4. Connecting with Committees- Thinking a year ahead can be a challenge, as there are numerous issues we cannot predict in advance. This should not prevent you from planning, as you anticipate what could go awry.�Establish buy-in from key people involved within each committee and you will limit the damage from unexpected situations out of your control.
  5. Marketing and Media- One of the most important factors in promoting your event is to generate as much publicity and visibility in advance and throughout the year. By developing and maintaining relationships with local media, you will be able to track competing events as you improve your ability to develop donors and sponsorship.

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