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For the first time in our nation�s history, four generations are working side by side in the workplace. As working professionals continue beyond what was once the traditional retirement age of 65, employers are attempting to balance a growing generation gap of more than 50 years between the oldest and youngest employees. And while we recognize that these generation gaps are nothing new, they have become a growing challenge for business leaders to build more effective organizations in today�s American workplace.

The New Multi-Generational Workplace

A recent Wall Street Journal article provided further insight into this growing trend, as a wide range of organizations have recognized the need to improve intergenerational communication. "We're recognizing that we need to do novel things to attract talent of all ages, and managers who accept their differences," says Subha Barry, managing director and head of diversity and inclusion at Merrill Lynch. Kari Barbar, vice president of learning for 200,000 employees at IBM's global technology-services unit, offers different learning venues to different generations. “Boomers are accustomed to learning in a classroom with a teacher”, she notes, “while Generation X'ers prefer Web courses to do on their own, and networking-prone millennials enjoy working with others on blogs”.

Multi-Generational Training Solutions

An increasing number of forward thinking employers are responding to this important issue by developing strategies to leverage the values and skills that each generation can contribute to grow their business and maintain a smooth running operation. It has become a central focus for these employers to build bridges between Gen Y (�Millennial�), Gen X, Baby Boomers and the Veteran Generation, and apply new strategies to engage them in new and innovative ways.

At Strategic Training Solutions, we are seeing increasing demand to develop workshops and training programs to address this issue. Recently, STS worked with Pernod Ricard Americas Travel Retail vice president of human resources Lani Montoya in developing a customized MultiGen Workforce Training program. According to STS President Laura McNerney, �We are hearing from a growing number of organizations who are interested in developing a strategy to help workers communicate better across generations in this new environment. Business leaders need to recognize the opportunities and issues, and become catalysts for change, as they keep their teams aligned towards common goals. It�s a real opportunity to realize the total value of multi-gen worker contributions.�

To help organizations enhance workplace communication and productivity across generational boundaries and assist managers in their efforts to engage team members across multi-generations, STS has developed a new training program Working Across a Multi-Gen Workplace.

If you are interested in learning more about these new programs and others offered by Strategic Training Solutions, call HRG today at (914) 761-7111 or email [email protected].

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