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Training Trends in 2013 � Strategic Training Solutions Answers the Call!

As the economy continues to grow at a steady pace, employers are recognizing the need to deliver training that helps managers meet the needs and demands of a new workforce. �According to the American Management Association report, Trends to Influence Training for 2013, “Coaching will continue to be a key tool in executive and leadership development”,� and that “demand for basic skills training is expected to re-emerge, with a renewed demand for programs designed to build communications skills, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity which are needed to improve employee productivity. “ This report also cited the growing number of employees working remotely, and the rapid rise in mobility as a factor in developing training programs.�

Strategic Training Solutions, we are experiencing a significant uptick in activity and interest from our clients in these areas as well.� According Laura McNerney, STS President, “Over the last six months, employers have been expressing their interest in finding new ways to re-energize their work environments.� Managers need to move beyond supporting tactical and operational issues, and become better coaches, mentors and change agents.� As expectations to do more with less have become the norm, they need to work harder than ever to avoid complacency and keep their teams motivated, energized and enthusiastic about their work.”�


To help organizations achieve their goals in developing future leaders, STS has developed several new workshops to meet the needs of our clients, including:

Building a Culture of Employee Engagement

This popular workshop was designed by STS to assist managers in their efforts to engage team members and help them reach their professional goals.� Topic content includes:

  • Creating a motivational work environment
  • Developing recognition and rewards
  • Implementing an Employee Engagement Model � Tell, Sell, Join, Consult
  • Exploring two-way communication through shared feedback and self-discovery

Performance Management

As a key organizational area of focus, this workshop examines the importance of establishing a year-round employee development strategy.� Topic content includes:

  • Enhancing your organization’s learning culture
  • Coaching individual performance���
  • Delivering constructive feedback and handling difficult responses
  • Practicing Transformational Leadership����������������������������������������������������������������������������

Managing Remote Employees

With the continuing investment and reliance on mobile technologies, this workshop explores business strategies and establishes best practices for managing individuals and teams who work outside a “traditional” office environment.� Topic content includes:

  • Communicating� the company vision and goals for productivity
  • Implementing SOPs for technology, business and communications
  • How to leverage the benefits of technology, protect IP and address security concerns
  • Managing and monitoring performance to promote productivity
  • Developing management/employee recognition and support with remote workers�

If you are interested in learning more about these new programs and others offered by Strategic Training Solutions, call HRG today at (914) 761-7111 or email [email protected].


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