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Recycling & Trash Holiday Collection Schedule


Memorial Day
Monday, May 27
No change to recycling
or trash collection
Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center - CLOSED

Upcoming Events


Backyard Compost Workshop
Saturday, April 27
9 AM - 12 PM
Chandler City Hall
Prescription Drug Turn-In Event
Saturday, April 27
10 AM - 2 PM  
3425 W. Frye Rd

Glad You Asked

YellowBook Guy 
What do I do with left over or unused prescription drugs, syringes or sharps?
How do I properly dispose of batteries?
Alkaline batteries (AAA, C, 9V, etc.) can be placed in with your household trash. (Remember to bag and tie trash!) Rechargeable (NiCad, Lithium Ion, etc.) and auto batteries can be brought to the City's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center by appointment. Another option is to take electronic or automotive part retailers who accept batteries.

How do I properly dispose of CFL bulb? What do I need to do if a CFL bulb breaks?
Since CFL and fluorescent bulbs do contain trace amounts of mercury you need to follow proper disposal guidelines. If the bulb is burnt our and not broken, CFL bulbs can be taken to home improvement or hardware stores, or brought in to the City's HHW Collection Center by appointment. Please click here for more information on how to safely handle broken CFL bulbs.
Incandescent bulbs have not hazard material and can be thrown away in your household trash can. 

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Yard Waste Disposal Options 
Chandler offers free curbside bulk pick-up for yard waste (trash and recycling, too) once every 6 weeks. Make a detailed list of what you need collected before you call to schedule your bulk, since different collection trucks pick up different items. When you are ready call 480-782-3510 to schedule bulks. This service cannot be scheduled via e-mail. 
In order to ensure collection:
  • Bulk items must be placed out for pick-up by 6 a.m. on your scheduled day of collection, and no earlier than 6 p.m. the day before 
  • Items must be placed on the owner's property within 4 feet of the sidewalk (or curb if no sidewalk exists)
  • Stacked trash must not be placed on sidewalks, curbing or roadway in any manner that will interfere with or be hazardous to pedestrians or vehicles
  • All items must be placed away from electrical boxes, cable boxes, mail boxes, light poles, water meters and existing landscape
Yard Waste Limits:
  • Total of all material cannot exceed 4'Hx4'Wx16'L or two pickup truck beds. Excess can be self-hauled to the Recycling Waste Collection Center
  • Tree/Bush trimmings cannot exceed 5 feet in length and no more than 5 inches in diameter
  • Palm Tree husks must be bagged or boxed (no larger than 3 ft. x 3 ft. box)
  • Loose grass, weeds, twigs or pinecones must be bagged and tied
  • Cactus must be placed in a box (no larger than 3 ft. x 3 ft. box)

Prohibited Material* - Dirt, rock gravel**, sod, concrete, pavers, bricks, tile, construction material, liquid waste, hazardous waste, full size tree trunks, auto parts, perishable material, including fallen fruit, tires, treated railroad ties.


*Residents may self-haul these items to the Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center with the exception of liquid waste and hazardous waste. Call 480-782-3510 to schedule an appointment for hazardous material drop-off.
**Dirt, rock or gravel brought to the Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center is limited to two pick up truckloads per calendar month and must be dampened or wet to prevent dust.
Clean Can  
Keep It Clean CANpaign   

Residential customers are responsible for the cleanliness of recycling and trash containers.
To reduce odors and grimy build up spray rinse the containers occasionally.  Cleaning the container with a non-hazardous solution is recommended and will ensure a safe method for your family and neighborhood.

You will need:
  • Water hose
  • Scrub brush or mop
  • Dish soap or Borax
  • Baking soda (Abrasive cleanser and natural odor eater!)


Simply spray the inside of the container, wash and scrub with the natural solution, and spray to rinse!
Recycling - Metal   

SteelAresosal .

 Metal Accepted in the Blue Recycling Bin

AEROSOL CANS - Empty cans that held food and beauty products such as whipped cream, cooking spray, deodorant, & shaving cream. 

ALUMINUM CONTAINERS -Aluminum beverage cans, clean pie tins & aluminum foil.
STEEL CANS -  Soup, veggie, fruit, tuna, pet food cans.
Rinse and dry items before placing them in your recycling container. Lables and lids are ok, but leftover food and beverages are not.
Roll your can out by 6 a.m. on your scheduled day or after 6 p.m. the night before collection
For all other metal items such as patio furniture, filing cabinets, appliances, bikes, fencing and other metal items not listed above for curbside recycling, call 480-782-3510 to schedule a free bulk recycling collection or bring items to the Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center.

Alley Trash Collection - Select Areas





To ensure trash collection and keep your property safe follow these solid waste collection guidelines for alleys.


  • Secure all garbage in bags and place inside alley container with lid closed. Collection trucks will only collect material that is in City provided trash containers. Material outside of cans will not be collected
  • Each alley trash cans is for two homes. Be a good neighbor and share the can.
  • If you have excess trash, call 480-782-3510 to schedule a bulk collection or bring material to the Recycling-Solid Waste Collection Center. Scheduled bulk collection must be placed at the curb NOT in alleys
  • No Dirt, Rock, Gravel, Sod, Furniture or Tires in alley or can.
  • No Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) in alley or can (Ex: Paint, varnish, oil, gasoline, pool chemicals, etc.) This is very dangerous to people, private property and can cause fires in collection vehicle. Call 480-782-3510 to schedule free HHW appointment.
  • No Recyclables - Place in blue curbside recycling bins and help keep solid waste costs down.
  • Illegal Dumping is prohibited. If you notice someone who illegally placing material in the alley or in an alley container get a license plate number or description of the vehicle and call Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510 immediately.
If interested in switching to curbside trash collection, call 480-782-3510 for more details.

Alleys - Keep Free of Debris

If your home backs up to an alley, please remember it is your responsibility to maintain a clean alley.  Review these City Code Requirements.
  • Maintain tree limbs and branches no lower than 13 1/2 feet above public streets and alleys.
  • Trim or cut vegetation so that it does not protrude into the alleyway
  • Remove all weeds from properties and adjacent rights of way including alley areas from your property to the center line of the adjacent alley. 

For more information on City codes pertaining to landscape maintenance requirements please contact the Code Enforcement at 480-782-4320 or visit www.chandleraz.gov/code




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