New Year's Resolutions
This is the time of year to make resolutions. We resolve to do those things that we ought to do, but that we haven't been doing for one reason or another. We know those things are good for us and that we will feel better about ourselves if we do them. So, let's all maintain that sensible diet, get regular exercise, and be nicer to people. But, let me suggest a few other resolutions specifically for attorneys who strive to advance the highest ideals of our profession:
  • Resolve to get involved in a bar activity, preferably with the VBA
  • Resolve to help someone in need by handling a pro bono matter
  • Resolve to support non-partisan legislative reform to promote the public good
  • Resolve to demonstrate leadership in a tangible and constructive way
 You will make a positive impact on others, and your sense of achievement will be rewarding. If we fulfill these resolutions, it will be a great 2016!  

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Harry M. "Pete" Johnson, III
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