Promoting young leaders
As one of its many programs, the VBA's Law Practice Management Division sponsors a Managing Partners Roundtable at the Annual Meeting in Williamsburg. At one of these recent "by invitation-only" roundtable discussions, the message from managing partners was clear -- the VBA could do a great service by providing leadership training for young lawyers. We had heard the same message from others as well. The VBA Leadership Series was thus conceived.
The fourth installment of the VBA Leadership Series occurs Nov. 13-14 in Richmond in conjunction with the rescheduled Fall Executive Council Meeting of the Young Lawyers Division. The participants have already completed an online leadership assessment. The VBA has retained a consultant and professional leadership coach who will present the individual results and explain their significance. We are confident that our young lawyers -- and their employers -- will benefit from this practical, hands-on leadership training.
The VBA President has the privilege of attending the YLD meetings. I look forward to the VBA Leadership Series program, as well as joining our young colleagues at their business meeting and social events. As you have heard from me and other VBA leaders, the YLD accelerates the success of young lawyers. Next weekend will reinforce that point.

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