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Greetings from the Homestead, where are celebrating 125 Summer Meetings!


The warmth and collegiality of the VBA is ever-present, but the meeting reveals another piece of the VBA's value proposition. In reviewing the agenda and attending the programs, it strikes me how the VBA keeps practitioners in the forefront of their practice areas. And, isn't that what your clients value?


The law is always changing. New case law and statutes. New tactics, ideas, and strategies. Emerging issues and entirely new fields. What changes need to be made to statutes? What developments are on the horizon?


The best lawyers know what's happening in their fields. It helps them get and keep clients. Virginia Lawyers Weekly and legal magazines help, but the best lawyers don't rely solely on them. The VBA helps keep you ahead of the curve in multiple ways. The programming at the Summer Meeting reflects it. Moreover, VBA Sections are identifying issues and developing legislative proposals to present at VBA Legislative Day, Sept. 25. Perhaps most important, the VBA provides a perfect forum to discuss current issues and swap ideas with colleagues who are top practitioners in their fields.


No one will deny that the Summer Meeting is immensely enjoyable, but let's not forget how the VBA enhances our practices. Have a great weekend!




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Harry M. "Pete" Johnson, III
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