Shakespeare and the VBA    
"Do as adversaries do in law. Strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends."

Although not always an admirer of attorneys, Shakespeare acknowledged the collegiality of the legal profession in the Taming of the Shrew. His quote is particularly apt as we prepare to head to the Allegheny Mountains for the historic and family-friendly 125th Summer Meeting of the VBA. Collegiality is one of the VBA's core values.


The Summer Meeting, though, is about more than collegiality. The agenda is a reflection of our ideals. Leadership, service, and excellence will be on display in the programming. Retired Justice John Charles Thomas and a distinguished panel will present the third installment of the VBA Leadership Series. At the Legacy Series Luncheon, acclaimed historian Andrew O'Shaughnessy will examine leadership issues during the Revolutionary War from the British perspective. Pro bono service will be spotlighted in two valuable programs. And our substantive law sections are offering cutting-edge sessions on such wide-ranging topics as end-of-life issues, law firm security, and the "Internet of things."


So, let's all strive mightily in our practices for the next two weeks, then eat and drink as friends at The Homestead!  



P.S. Although the VBA room block at The Homestead has been full for several weeks for this ever-popular event, a few rooms typically open up as the meeting approaches. Get your name on the waiting list by filling in and submitting to The Homestead the Room Request Form. Plus, rooms may be available at nearby locations.

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