Happy Anniversary, ODBA 
On May 28-31, I had the privilege of participating in a series of historic events commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Old Dominion Bar Association. As many of you know, the ODBA was founded in response to an incident in the then-segregated library of The Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia. Seventy-five years later, the ODBA's anniversary celebration began with a ceremony hosted by that same court. The Supreme Court honored its African-American justices (all of whom, I should add, have also been outstanding VBA members), and applauded the ODBA's unwavering pursuit of justice through the rule of law. For an attorney and a lifelong Virginian like me, it was an inspiring event. For a VBA member, it was a reminder of how far our own association has progressed since 1940.


Throughout the weekend events, President-Elect Jim Guy and I were continually reminded of the common mission of the ODBA and the VBA: advocacy, professionalism, service, and collegiality. Like the VBA, the ODBA is known for warmth and hospitality at its meetings. The weekend was filled with smiles, laughter, and light-hearted repartee among a group of committed and highly successful members of the legal profession. I am gratified that our organizations are growing closer together and increasing our collaboration for the common good.


In closing, congratulations to ODBA President Helivi L. Holland and all the members of the ODBA for 75 years of representing the highest ideals of our profession.


 with The Virginia Bar Association
2015 photo
Harry M. "Pete" Johnson, III
The Virginia Bar Association 
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