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Happy Anniversary,
Lawyers Helping Lawyers   

Let's offer our enthusiastic congratulations and gratitude to the Virginia Lawyers Helping Lawyers program on its 30th anniversary. LHL was organized in 1985 upon the recommendation of a joint task force of the Virginia State Bar  and the VBA. Along with VSB President Kevin Martingayle, I had the privilege to present a joint resolution to the Supreme Court of Virginia at a formal ceremony on April 14, 2015, to mark the occasion. (Photo courtesy of the VSB.) 


The mission of LHL is to provide confidential assistance for substance abuse and mental health-related issues to members of the legal community. Relying upon a trained staff psychologist and dedicated volunteers, LHL offers evaluations, treatment, referrals, peer support, and monitoring. Since its inception, LHL has provided assistance to thousands of individuals and their families. It continues to offer its services for free, and it has been recognized nationally as a model for the delivery of services to the bar and the judiciary.


The VBA takes great pride in the success of LHL because we were its original home. After 17 years as a VBA committee, LHL became an independent 501(c)(3) entity in 2003. While LHL is no longer a formal part of the VBA, the two organizations remain close. Numerous VBA members devote support and service to LHL and its beneficiaries, just as our members have done for 30 years. This should not come as any surprise because Professionalism and Service are two of the VBA's core values.


So, please take a VBA minute and wish our friends at LHL a happy 30th anniversary, along with a heartfelt thank you for their good works!



Watch your mailbox for the spring 2015 issue and its tribute to Virginia Lawyers Helping Lawyers.

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