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The VBA is placing special emphasis this year on developing leadership skills in young lawyers to enhance their professional and personal development. Recognizing that the best lawyers are effective leaders in their legal practices and in their communities, we launched the VBA Leadership Series in Williamsburg to an enthusiastic audience. More than 40 young lawyers are participating. We are now preparing for the next installment, which will be presented during the joint spring meeting of the VBA Board of Governors and the Executive Council of the Young Lawyers Division.


Dennis M. Ryan The second program is entitled "Lessons from the Entrepreneurs." Among others, it will feature Dennis Ryan, co-founder of the LeClairRyan law firm and trusted adviser to numerous innovative companies. The program will also showcase several non-lawyers who are running successful small businesses, including one profiled on the hit television show "Shark Tank." This talented group of entrepreneurs will share practical lessons that have enabled them to grow their organizations from mere ideas into flourishing entities. These are lessons in leadership, and they are equally applicable to any lawyer who aspires to lead a thriving practice.


With this leadership initiative, the VBA seeks the "best and brightest" young lawyers from private practice, in-house legal departments, and government who are interested in developing practical leadership skills. By combining participation the VBA Leadership Series and active involvement in Young Lawyers Division activities, young lawyers will become better leaders and more valuable lawyers. This serves the interests of both the attorneys and their employers. We welcome additional participants.


For more information on the VBA Leadership Series, please contact me at 804-788-8784 or pjohnson@hunton.com.



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