Turner Morris Roofing & Solar Newsletter
Issue: # 6  Repairs or a Whole New Roof?

August 2013

Welcome to Turner Morris' quarterly newsletter !  As always things are rockin n' rolling at Turner Morris!  Even though the summer is starting to wind down we are going to be busy well into fall.   We've had many fun company events throughout the summer as well as a few local sponsored events!   Even though we stay busy, we still have loved getting involved with our community! 


...Or just some repairs?



Have you been having problems with your roof?  Have you ever even been on your roof?  Are you wondering if it needs to be replaced?  There are several different signs that the time may be approaching for a roof replacement.  Like most people your initial thought of replacement may come from getting a roof leak.  A leak does not always mean that it's time for a new roof, but it certainly indicates it's time for some attention. 


Shingle Roofs


There are several key indicators to look for on shingle roofs. Damaged or missing shingles are among the more obvious signs.  Some of the more subtle indicators are roof deck "deflection" between rafters, or missing granules on your shingles which will usually collect in your gutters or at downspout discharges.  As your roof ages you may notice that shingles will curl or buckle.  Pipe flashings can also become brittle and crack, causing small leaks that become big headaches if not corrected.  If you have noticed any of these indicators it may be time to think about replacing your shingle roof.


Single-Ply Roofs


One of the more common indicators of failure with single-ply systems is leaking seams or penetrations. Over the years there have been many improvements to the materials and application methods of these systems. The biggest differences have been to the application methods of the seams. On an older single ply roof the seams can begin to crack or pull apart, allowing water to infiltrate the roof system and possibly causing damage.  Another indication is failing flashings around the penetrations on the roof system.  As the roof ages the flashing material and sealants on the penetrations may break down, cracking or tearing and allowing water to enter.  A third indicator is "bridging".  This is when the roofing membrane shrinks and pulls away from curbs and parapet walls. As this problem continues it can cause tears in the roofing membrane, especially at corners, scuppers, or drains.


No matter what type of roof system you have the best way to determine its condition is to have a qualified roofing professional perform periodic inspections. Turner Morris offers these inspections which include a photo report of the condition of your roof system, and any actions you should consider to keep your roof functioning at its maximum potential throughout its service life.  If the roof is beyond servicing and in need of replacement we can also provide a proposal to do so.  Our goal is to keep our customers dry and happy with character, competence, and commitment, the core of good value!






Project Manager

Denver Division


CASA Golf Tournament 
Mtn. Project Manager, Scott Cunningham representing Turner Morris!!

Scott got to show off his wicked golf skills at this years CASA Golf Tournament.  Chip Craft, Doug Workmen & Steve Simonett made up the rest of Scott's team. Looks like it was a gorgeous day to get out on the green for a great cause! 
 CASA of the Continental Divide put on golf tournaments twice a year to benefit the children. To learn more about CASA visit: CASA of the Continental Divide   


Thanks for looking!!    
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Turner Morris has been partnering with the Silverthorne Pavilion to bring you local events around Summit County!  Check out  photos at an Evening of Family Fun from June 27!   Also join us on August 8th for "Just for Boys" at 5pm at the Silverthorne  Pavilion! 

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