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HAPS NEWS - March 2013
What's Included

 PLEASE VOTE!  Voting closes March 26


Don't forget to vote for President-elect, Secretary, and Ballot Box Central and Southern Regional Directors!


Candidates include:

President-elect: Tom Lehman and Karen McMahon

Secretary: Wanda Hargroder and Carol Veil

Central Regional Director: Murray Jensen, Steven Kish, and Bob Tallitsch

Southern Regional Director: Craig Clifford and Jason LaPres


You can read the candidates' biographies and vote HERE!



Registration has opened for four HAPS Institute courses that will have their in-person component during the Las Vegas annual meeting.  All will start their online component in early April and end in July. See the syllabi for the exact dates.  Nevada State College has graciously allowed us to use their cadaver lab, so one of the courses will take advantage of that opportunity.  


Successful completion of a HAPS Institute course earns graduate credit from Alverno College, an accredited four-year, independent, liberal arts college in Milwaukee WI.


Register for HAPS-I courses HERE!


Conference courses for 2013 are:


Concepts in Human Embryology  (2 credits)  Dr. Brian R. Shmaefsky, Lone Star College - Kingwood.
Morning workshop (1/2 day) to be held on Wednesday, May 29


Cadaver Anatomy and Embryology of the Abdominal and Thoracic Cavities
(2 credits)
Dr. Melissa A. Carroll, University of Texas at El Paso. Afternoon workshop on Tuesday, May 28 


Evolutionary Anatomy (1 credit)  Dr. Andrew J. Petto, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Morning workshop on Tuesday, May 28  


Molecular and Cellular Basis of Human Disease (2 credits)  Dr. Brian R. Shmaefsky, Lone Star College - Kingwood. Morning workshop (1/2 day) to be held on Tuesday, May  28   


Did you know that there are scholarships available to help cover one half of the tuition fee for one HAPS Institute course? Scholarships are available for HAPS members in good standing. The applicant must have a teaching load that includes at least one section/class of anatomy and/or physiology and must verify his/her status by providing a signed letter from the Department Chair or Dean stating that the applicant is a regular full-time employee and teaching anatomy and physiology.

Find the application form and more information HERE.


The first recipient of the Sam Drogo Technology in the Classroom Award is Tom Lehman (Coconino CC, AZ). This award, established in memory of HAPS member Sam Drogo (Mohawk Valley CC) and funded by ADInstruments, goes to Tom for his innovative use of technology to engage undergraduates in human anatomy and physiology. The award of $500 will help Tom attend the HAPS annual conference.


Robert B. Anthony Awards for new instructors of A&P go to Brenda del Moral (Edgewood College, WI), Julie Schmitz (Piedmont College, GA), and Stephanie Bender (Grand Valley State Univ., MI). Adjunct Faculty Scholarships for new part-time instructors in A&P were awarded to Wendy Riggs (College of the Redwoods, CA) and Tina Christensen (San Francisco State Univ and College of Marin).These awards encourage faculty in their first three years of teaching A&P to attend the HAPS annual conference and network with seasoned professionals by paying their registration fee.


Going Digital


This year we will be testing a smartphone app for the conference. The app will have the schedule, abstracts, floor plans, lists of speakers, exhibitors, and Twitter and HAPSBlog  links.  


Poker Walk-Run


Our 2nd annual HAPS Foundation Fun Run will be held on Monday, May  at 7 am.  Instead of a traditional run, in the spirit of Vegas this event will be a Poker Walk-Run, where you try to collect a winning poker hand.  Not sure what a Poker Walk is?  Check out this URL  for rules and a description. You can work alone or in teams.  Suggested donation (all proceeds support the HAPS Foundation) is $5 per member.  There will be prizes throughout, and everyone should have plenty of time to get back to the Hotel for the HAPS business meeting. 


If you'd rather not walk but would like to help out, we are in need of volunteers to man the tables at selected points of the poker walk.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact  Valerie O'Loughlin .


At the February meeting the Board of Directors decided to disband the Web Committee and the volunteer post of Web Editor that has been filled so ably by Tom Lancraft.  The committee's duties are now being covered by Robin Hurst in the HAPS Business Office and by Peter English, our Executive Director.


We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Tom Lancraft, whose  volunteer work for HAPS through the years earned him the 2012 President's Medal. As he says, "I find it telling that all of the committees/groups that I have chaired in HAPS (Technology, Distance Teaching, Web) eventually were dropped as members became more comfortable with changes in instructional techniques and information distribution." Thanks, Tom, for all you have done for us.


The portions of the Web Committee activities that dealt with online teaching and testing have been assumed by the Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) Committee. Please contact the C&I Chair, Ron Gerrits  , if you are interested in working on guidelines for these topics.



Hope to see you in Las Vegas in May.

Dee Silverthorn 

Dee Silverthorn
HAPS President


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