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HAPS NEWS - February 14, 2013
What's Included
 From the HAPS President

The Spring semester is well underway, and that means that our Annual Conference is just around the corner. The HAPS Board and Steering Committee have been busy, and we have lots of news to report.


Our new Executive Director, Peter English, began work officially on January 1 and he has accomplished several tasks in just a month. We now have an official HAPS blog and we have several HAPS-I courses that will take place at the annual conference, including one cadaver course. Read about them below.


 If you have not already done so, please register and make plans to attend the HAPS Annual Conference in Las Vegas (May 25-29). There will be several fun new events, including a Poker Walk-Run and a Monday Night Social open to all registrants, in place of the traditional extra-cost banquet. We have a record number of posters and workshops, and an excellent lineup of update speakers. Hope to see you there.


Dee SilverthornDee Silverthorn

HAPS President


HAPS-I will be offering several graduate-level courses that will culminate in face-to-face instruction during the workshop portion of the Annual Conference 
  • Cadaver Anatomy and Embryology of the Abdominal and Thoracic Cavities (2 credits)
  • Concepts in Human Embryology (2 credits)
  • Evolutionary Anatomy (1 credit)
  • Pending approval from Alverno College: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Human Disease (2 credits)

Short course descriptions are posted here and syllabi will follow soon. All of the courses follow the usual HAPS-I method of having an online component that typically begins in early April. We are particularly excited to be able to take advantage of the Nevada State College cadaver lab this year.


Pat Bowne from Alverno College (the institution that grants graduate credits to HAPS-I courses) and HAPS Executive Director Peter English will be presenting a workshop at the annual conference on how to become a HAPS-I instructor. It is surprisingly easy and extremely rewarding. Consider what you would like to teach and let us show you how easy it can be.


Online registration for the Annual Conference HAPS-I courses will begin February 25.



The Winter 2013 issue of HAPS-ED is now available on the website. Articles include:


  • "The human ovarian cycle: why are undergraduate texts still getting it wrong?" -- Robert S. Rawding
  • "The role of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in pancreaticobiliary disease" -- Sarah Cooper
  • "Human interest and activities for students: biology in Beirut" -- David Evans
  • "POGIL Project update for Las Vegas conference workshop" -- Murray Jensen
  • NEW! EDU-Snippets -- collected by Roberta Meehan

 Find HAPS-ED here (member login required).


Word Bank Task Force

In recent months there was a lively discussion on the HAPS Listserve related to student use of word banks in A&P courses and labs. Out of that discussion came a request that HAPS put together a position statement on this topic. The Board has now created a Task Force with a goal of developing and recommending a policy statement for adoption. The tentative timeline would be to complete the project by the end of this calendar year.

The Word Bank Task Force will report to the Curriculum and Instruction committee, chaired by Ron Gerrits. Dr. Carol Britson, who made the original request for HAPS to create the position statement, has graciously agreed to chair the task force and is looking for volunteers to help in this effort.

If you are interested in working with the task force, please email Carol with your contact information. She can be reached at cbritson@olemiss.edu.

If you are not yet on the listserve, HAPS members can sign up here.

WANTED: HAPS members to write for the new HAPS blog!

We have two series on the blog right now. A Houston high school teacher who is teaching A&P for the first time is posting a weekly series through the end of the Spring.  Erin is asking for HAPS member input and help as she navigates teaching a topic that was not necessarily her focus as an undergraduate. A second five-part series is coming soon.  This series will explore how a group of teachers in MN has been working to flip their A&P classrooms.  


If you have a series of 4-5 articles that you think would be of interest to the HAPS community, drop our Executive Director, Peter English, a note at haps.exec@gmail.comIt is easy to become a blogger, and we'd love to have you become an author on HAPSblog!  


For shorter series and single stories we encourage use of other avenues of communicating with HAPS members, particularly our wonderful publication HAPS-ED.


Videos at the Annual Conference

The Steering Committee would like to develop an online presentation of videos and PowerPoint slides that tell the story of the HAPS Annual Conference, as an advertisement for future attendees. Tom Lehman came up with some video ideas that could be captured using smart-phones:

  • "We're in the Update Seminar Room, where guest speakers will present cutting edge research, pedagological concepts, and other amazing stuff to us for the first two days of the conference."
  • "Welcome to the Exhibitors' Hall, where you can talk to several publishers, many authors and vendors for a whole plethora of lab materials, and more.  If you look closely, you might even see First-Timers working together to stalk and trap the elusive Committee Chair for a chance at winning a free conference registration for next year's conference."
  • "The day can start early at the HAPS conference. I'm enjoying a continental breakfast with colleagues from across the continent. It's an incredible time to network and share ideas and experiences."

We are looking for volunteers to take still photos or smart-phone video clips in Las Vegas as well as volunteers to help create the presentation for posting on our website and social media sites.


If working on this project appeals to you, please contact Tom at Tom.Lehman@COCONINO.EDU.


Institutional Memberships & NEW Emeritus Membership
Did you know that HAPS now has institutional memberships?
To qualify, an institution provides the names of members and pays for the members with a single payment from the institution. These institutional membership individuals have all of the same rights of a regular individual member. Per-member institutional dues are the same rate as individual regular memberships, but if an institution pays for 3 or more members, they will receive a 5% discount on their total bill. Visit the HAPS website for more information about membership.


The HAPS Board also approved a NEW category of membership, Emeritus members.

Faculty who have been members of HAPS for at least 10 years, who are age 65 or older and fully retired (or who have been forced to resign sooner due to poor health) may apply to the HAPS headquarters for emeritus faculty status. Emeritus members receive free dues and full voting privileges. To apply for emeritus membership, please contact the HAPS business office at admin@hapsweb.org.

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