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Inside the Numbers...

What to Expect From the 2013 Open and Beyond

When it comes to CrossFit, many of us who follow the sport closely are competitors ourselves, and these statistics are posted to understand the qualification process from the standpoint of someone planning to compete this coming season. This isn't about predicting the winners, it's about knowing what to expect and where to place your focus.

Now, seeing as I don't have a direct line to Dave Castro and Tony Budding, I don't know what they're thinking for this year. But we do have two years and 6 competitions of data that can help inform us about what they're likely to throw at us in the next few months. 

Let's start by looking at the last two years from the simplest, and possibly the most useful, angle: what movements have we seen the past two years, and how often have we seen them?The following figures show every movement tested in the past two years along with the weight given to each movement. For each workout, I break it down into the movements involved and give each "station" equal weight. For example, on Open WOD 3 last year, box jumps, toes-to-bar and jerk each received a weight of 0.33. On Open WOD 1, burpees received a weight of 1.00 since it was the only movement.

These stats are a great starting point for understanding what HQ is testing when they're testing for the fittest on Earth.


Snatch           4.67              10%

Clean             3.10                7%

Thruster        2.68                6%

Pull-up           2.58               6%

Run                2.08                4%

Muscle-up    1.96                4%

Burpee           1.95               4%

Toes-to-bar   1.84               4%

Double-under 1.83             4%

Deadlift          1.75               4%

Box jump       1.72                4%

HSPU             1.58               3%

Jerk                 1.54               3%

Row               1.49                3%

Wall Ball       1.46                3%

Bike               1.17                3%

OH Squat     1.13                 2%

Rope Climb    1.0                 2%

Obstacle Course 1.0           2%

DB Snatch      1.0                2%

Swim               1.0                 2%

Sled Push       .75                2%

Broad Jump    .50                1%

Ball Toss        .50                1%

Med ball clean  .50             1%

Sledgehammer  .50             1%

Ring dip          .50                1%

Farmer's walk  .50               1%

Push up           .50               1%

Front Squat     .44               1%

L-Sit                  .33               1%

Handstand walk  .33          1%

Baseball throw  .33             1%

Monkey Bar    .33               1%

Pistol                .33               1%

SDHP               .29               1%

GHD Situp       .25               1%

KB Swing        .25               1%

DB G2O           .20                0%

Weighted lunge  .20          0%

Air squat         .17               0%

Sled Pull          .13                0%

Back Squat      .11               0%


In case you were not aware, you better get your Olympic lifting in order if you want to be competitive in CrossFit. Including the jerk, the Olympic lifts were worth about 20% of all events in the past two years. That's not likely to change. We've seen the snatch tested in each of the Opens, Regionals and Games the last two years.


What's also clear is that the pull-up is still important, as are an array of other bodyweight movements, including muscle-ups, burpees and toes-to-bar. Throw in running and double-unders, and we're up over 50% of the total weight (after counting the Olympic lifts). You've got to be good at everything, but those are the basics.


However, these include all competitions. Because of logistic restrictions and the relatively lower skill levels, the Open includes a much narrower list of movements. Here's what we have seen from the Open the past two years...


MOV.   2011  2012  Tot. % Tot.


Snatch        .50    1.0   1.5  14%

Burpee      .33    1.0  1.33  12%

Thruster     .50    .50    1.0   9%

Pull-up       .50    .50    1.0   9%

Double U. .50    .33    .83    8%

Clean          .83      -     .83    8%

Jerk            .50    .33    .83    8%

Box Jump   .33    .33   .67    6%

Muscle-up .33    .33   .67    6%

Toes-to-bar.33   .33    .67   6%

Wall Ball    .33    .33   .67    6%

Push up      .33     -     .33    3%

Deadlift       .33     -     .33    3%

OH Squat    .33     -     .33   3%


So the main takeaway here is that when it comes to the Open, be prepared to execute Olympic lifts and bodyweight movements. You should be able to do those things very well, but if your handstand walk isn't on point yet, you'll probably be OK.

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Inside this Edition of Freedom Monthly




There's a lot of info in this edition of Freedom Monthly, so we're going to hop right to it. I would like to stress two things before signing off- one, make sure you register for the CrossFit Open! We fully expect strong representation coming from CFF! And two- BRING IT!!!!!!! That is all. 


Here's a recap of January and February...

  • Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships  

In a valiant run at the repeat 1st place title, the athletes of the 2013 CFF rowing team walked away with the 2nd place finish at this years CIRC. With our fastest team finishing the CrossFit Challenge Relay in 6:04.3 (this mixed team event combines teams of 2-men and 2-women to form a Quad to compete in the Quad 1K for best times. The 3 best Quad 1K times (Score #1) is then added to the best 2K Relay time (Score #2). The fastest Composite Score wins the CrossFit Challenge), we put up a very competitive time and are excited to reclaim the title in 2014! A big thanks to all our rowers as well as all who came to support the team! 

  • Hope for Kenya

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fundraising workout on 2/16, Hope for Kenya. We saw a large turnout, and CrossFit Freedom raised over $550 to go towards helping provide education, food, and water to the 250 square mile rural area surrounding Mombosa, Kenya. That's enough to provide 20 desks to a new school! As a community, CrossFit affiliates around the world have raised $265,000 for Hope for Kenya. If you would like to donate, you may continue to do so here.

  • A3, Juggernaut, and Michiana Competitions: CFF representation

Congratulations to our recent competitors! On January 12, athletes Walt and Kiersten Trillhaase, Ben and Cheri Shuffain, and Charlie Brinckerhoff competed in the World Wide WOD at Performance Factory Training in Highwood. A one day competition consisting of 3 benchmark style WODS, CFF athletes took on the challenge and at the end of the day claimed several medal positions, with Ben placing 1st and Walt taking 3rd place in the Mens Scaled division, and Kiersten taking 2nd and Cheri taking 3rd in the Womens Scaled division. Nice hustle!


 At the Juggernaut Fest at A3 Performance Center on January 26th, athletes Emily Dumas, Shannon Duggan and Adam White represented CFF well as they performed max lifts in the deadlift, bench press, ground to overhead, and back squat. Shannon and Emily both placed 1st in their weight class, and all athletes had PR's on major lifts. Congrats guys!


Congratulations to Shannon Duggan and Carl Nottoli for taking the 1st place finish in their age group (18-29) in the male/female partner competition at CrossFit Michiana on February 16! This was a one-day, 3 workout competition involving sled pushes, rope climbs, and many other movements, where our athletes competed against approximately 20 other teams.

...a look into March and April: 
  • CrossFit Open: registration deadline and schedule
  • Nutrition Clinic - March 2nd 
  • CrossFit Kids schedule change
  • CrossFit Baseball coming soon!
Last, mark your calendars for some exciting events! 
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course coming to CFF April 6-7
  • CrossFit Endurance Certification coming to CFF May 4-5
  • North Central Regionals at Navy Pier May 31-June 2
Also, I encourage you to help out the Vernon Hills Soccer Club by bringing in your gently used soccer jerseys and cleats, gym shoes, soccer balls, and athletic shorts to benefit the charity Fields of Dreams Uganda. We have loaded up this place with some serious donations before - let's do it again. Round up your family's soccer gear and give it for a great cause!

I leave you with this nonsense...

CrossFit Freedom Harlem Shake
CrossFit Freedom Harlem Shake




CrossFit Open 2013: March 6- April 7          


Its right around the 5 days, the first workout will be announced and will kick off the start of the road to the 2013 CrossFit Games. The Open is unique in that you can make it what you want it to be. Whether it is a starting point on a mission to get to the CrossFit Games in California or a way to measure yourself against the masses for 5 weeks, there is something to be gained by everyone participating in the Open. And by everyone, I don't mean everyone but you - I mean YOU! CFF will be doing mobility and skill work each Thursday preceding the Open WOD and completing these workouts every Friday as the day's class WOD, so you may as well submit a score and help the team if you're going to do the workout anyway! 


The Open is a great way to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lay, an introduction to what it feels like to compete in Crossfit, and a means of tracking and seeing your progress week after week - not to mention you'll be pushing yourself harder than you may have thought possible in a competitive environment. As a coaching staff, we urge you all to sign up! See what you can do! You can sign up by clicking HERE - do it! The last day to register is Sunday, March 9 (the last day to submit a score for WOD #1).

CFF Nutrition Clinic 
Ready to fine tune your nutrition? Come learn how the way you eat can help you to look, feel, live and perform your best, and reduce your risk for a variety of lifestyle-related diseases and conditions. CFF will be discussing all this and more in our nutrition lecture on Saturday, March 2 at 10:30 a.m. See you there! 
CFK Schedule Changes 
Beginning this coming week (Monday, March 4th), CrossFit Kids will be moving our 5-9yr. class from Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:15p.m. to Mondays and Wednesdays at 5p.m. Our older kids will continue to meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5p.m. All ages will meet Saturdays at 9:45a.m. 
We are excited about the growth the Kids program has seen, and want to accommodate our young CrossFitters (and their parents!) as best we can. If you are interested in having your child join us for class, please contact Kirsten here

*Please visit our online schedule
to view these changes.
CrossFit Certifications Coming To CFF!
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course: April 6-7, 2013

We are very excited for the opportunity to host our first Level 1 Trainer Certification here at CFF! CrossFit HQ will be bringing in some of their finest to teach and certify interested individuals. The Level 1 Trainer Certificate Course introduces the mechanical, conceptual, and theoretical foundations of CrossFit. Additionally, there will be "break out' sessions for demonstration and practical application of the 9 Foundational Movements. The lectures, demonstrations, presentations, and breakouts all serve to indoctrinate participants with CrossFit's conceptual underpinnings, while the workouts serve to reinforce/drive home the application. To register for the course, click HERE.

  • CrossFit Endurance Trainer Course: May 4-5, 2013
The Endurance course is a powerful weekend of getting faster, stronger and increasing overall fitness/performance.  Led by one of the head coaches for CrossFit Endurance, you will get both an in-depth education as well as a unique opportunity to be evaluated throughout the weekend. In addition to the individual coaching, CFE focuses on bio-mechanics, the science of running, nutrition, injury prevention, and programming implementation.  "We focus on quality of training, not quantity." Click HERE to register!
CrossFit Freedom Baseball: COMING SOON! 
Lessons and cage time will be available during off-peak CrossFit Class hours, with brand new, top of the line equipment, including an Iron Mikes pitching machine.

Derek Hall - Head Instructor (Pitching/Hitting/Catching/Fielding)
  • Former Instructor at BatSpeed, Slammers and North Shore Baseball Academy
  • Former Division I baseball player 
Scott Edson - Head strength+conditioning Coach
  • Former Division I Baseball Strength+Conditioning Coach
Contact Derek or Scott for more information!

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