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2012 Fitober Fest - An Epic Event Brought To You By Garage Games & CrossFit Freedom 


This months Inside The Numbers takes a look at the 2012 inaugural Fitober Fest. This competition was a joint effort between Garage Games Inc and CFF. 


Garage Games promotes competitions throughout the country in regions similar to that of the CrossFit Games. Affiliates provide the venue and manpower. With over 300 athletes registered, Fitober was second in size only after the CrossFit Games North Central Regional.    

  • 2 Days
  • 74 Heats
  • 14 Sponsors
  • 310 Athletes
  • 39 Teams
  • 28 Masters
  • 27 Judges & Volunteers
  • 6 WOD's
  • 3 AMRAP's
  • 7 Divisions
  • 128 Burgers, 116 Chicken Breasts, 110 Bratwursts
  • 3 Half Barrels Bier 

There's an incredible amount of detail and logistics that go into throwing down an event of that magnitude. You can't be any geek off the street. You have to have a firm understanding of Big Box Business and Freak Fitness.  This is how we do it at CrossFit Freedom. Hope you enjoyed the show. 

Inside this Edition of Freedom Monthly




These newsletters are a great opportunity to look back and reflect on the previous months, and it really makes me proud of our community (you guys!) for your desire to continue progressing and bettering yourselves as athletes, competitors, and individuals. I and the rest of the Freedom crew hear stories about how you have become better, more capable, and more willing in different aspects of your life away from the gym. You almost always attribute it to your experience here at CFF, but what you may not know, is that it goes both ways. 


When we hear that Christine Waring has lost 50 pounds in 4 months and has displayed the willpower to do what is necessary to hit that goal, that makes us better. When Murat Aruta tells us in 8 weeks, just 8 WEEKS!, he has last 30 pounds, quit smoking, can comfortably go through the day, and his own mother doesn't even recognize him on Skype, that makes us want to be a hell of a lot better. When we hear that Sarah Tomlinson can finally hold a pose in yoga that has eluded her for months (or years?!), that makes us better. When members try their first competition, when they get doctors reports back that send their M.D. into shock, when they truly recognize and accept the capabilities their bodies have and begin to work toward that, that makes us want to do better, work harder, achieve more. To put it simply, you guys rock :) 


This is one of the most rewarding jobs, if you can call it that. To be in a position of helping people realize their potential is one like no other. Education, progression, movement, mechanics. By holding you to the standards that are known across the CrossFit philosophy on fitness, we strive to help you continue to realize your potential. Gotta love how the system works and rewards people like you, who yearn to learn and achieve everything within your means! 


That being said, here's a recap of August, September, and October...

  • 31 Heroes
For the second year in a row we had a strong and supportive turnout for 31 Heroes, an event we hosted on August 4th in honor of our fallen heroes who were killed on August 6, 2011. We came together to raise funds for the Navy Seal foundation and the 31 Heroes project- all funds raised went to support surviving families of all military heroes that have been killed while protecting our freedom.  Similar to last year, we were blessed to have had the opportunity to work along Naval Special Warfare recruits as well as Navy personnel. We are so thankful for you all and for what you do. God bless our troops - those who are here with us today and those who are not. Thank you all for your contributions.  

  • Endurance Team success/Libertyville Twilight Shuffle 5k  
Congratulations to the CFF endurance team.  Throughout the course of our 7 week program, each and every one of you made substantial
improvements in your running efficiency and effectiveness.  By 
treating running as the skill that it is, we focused on improving our 
posture, technique, and mechanics which led to faster times and more efficiency.  These skills have transferred over to our Crossfit
workouts as well as our own endurance training and races.  We came 
away from the Twilight Shuffle 5k on Labor Day weekend with 7 medals and 10 5k PR's!


  • Garage Games FitoberFest


The big event has come and gone. See below for a more detailed recap and link to video footage of the weekend. 

  • Halloween Party
A big hit once again, our annual Halloween party brought out the best flappers, oompa loompas, cowgirls, and Lance Armstrongs of the season. The costumes were ultra creative (can you really beat Allen and Carlos the baby from the movie The Hangover?!). Our members did a fantastic job going all out and a good time was most definitely had by all. 
  • Wedding Festivities 
We are happy to announce that several of our members and coaches have gotten married over the past few months! Congratulations to newlyweds Beth and Ken Schulman, Adam and Emilie White, Brett and myself, and Eric and Michaela Genova! We wish you lots of love and happiness and are so excited for all of you!  
Here's a sneak peek into November and December: 
  • Upcoming holiday class schedule
  • Class additions 
  • Olympic Lifting course
  • Azure reminder
PLEASE NOTE: Regarding daycare offered during the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning classes -  we do our best to provide your children with a clean, safe, and fun atmosphere to play and hang out while you take the opportunity to work out. Please remember that although you want to get your WOD on, if your child is sick, they need to remain at home until they are healthy and able to be around other children without sneezing, coughing and exhibiting other generally unpleasant bodily functions. Thank you in advance for your understanding! 



Have a great week and we'll see you at the box,



 FitoberFest 2012

Cross Fit Freedom - Fitoberfest 2012

Thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers and judges for making the very first Fitober Fest such a huge success. Infidel, Progenex, Wallace Farms, Gear 212, Life AsRx, Wod Threads, Core Power and several other vendors were present and rocking. Everybody really enjoyed themselves from the wod's to the food and bier. Fitober Fest was a 2-day action packed weekend. We can't wait 'till next year. 

Meanwhile, stay tuned for news of an upcoming indoor winter competition. As we firm up the details we'll be sure to let you all know. For now check out the video above and pictures here!    
November Holiday Class Schedule 
We are quickly approaching the holiday season, and with that comes a few changes to our class schedule. Please take note of the changes below:
  • Wednesday, November 21 - regular daytime schedule, no 6:30p.m. class (5 and 5:45 still on)
  • Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving) - 9a.m. Murph, 10a.m. Turkey Bowl
  • Friday, November 23rd - 12p.m. team WOD only
  • Monday, November 12 - Veterans Day observed -  regular class schedule 
  • New class!!! We are excited to be adding an additional class to our weekly schedule. Beginning November 9, we will offer a 9:30 class on Friday mornings. Our hope with this class is that it will open up the option for mid-morning athletes currently coming at this time Tuesdays and Thursdays to workout 3 days weekly if they cannot make it to the Saturday WOD.

Olympic Lifting is Back!

Olympic Weightlifting is the only weightlifting sport participated in the Olympic Games and the CrossFit philosophy strongly adheres to the insertion of the Olympic lifts in its daily programming.


Spend 6 full weeks with the CrossFit Freedom team learning, studying and practicing the Olympic lifts. The snatch and clean and jerk bring speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance to your strength training. These lifts are indispensable to CrossFit programming and proper execution and form is a powerful advantage.

This course will begin November 3rd at 10:30 a.m. (This Saturday) and will run through December 15th. Please note - there will be no class on December 1st.  For more information on how to get started please contact Coach Scott Edson at or click here to register.
Azure Standard Reminder
Recently, we have teamed up with Azure  to get fresh, healthy options delivered right here to Freedom! Buy everything you need for your nutrition needs online and pick up when you come to class after the drop- off date! 
When ordering, simply enter 794305 at checkout when asked for drop location. See Kirsten with any questions!  


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