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May 2013 



Welcome to the ACC sponsorship E-News

In this issue we would like to focus on the orphanage we support in India -FFC.  Additional sponsors are always needed. Please spread the word and encourage family and friends to sponsors a child.


Families for Children (FFC), Podanur, India   

We continue to receive regular newsletters from Families for Children, which we pass on to our sponsors. FFC is a large orphanage caring for more than 500 children from newborns to teenagers. Policy is never to turn away a child in need.  


School in Podanur

Although our involvement with this home is modest, every dollar donated is desperately needed, and greatly appreciated. Our sponsors help FFC to feed, clothe, offer therapy and medical assistance to unwanted and abandoned children.  FFC is establishing a Centre for training young adults with special needs in skills that will be unique and marketable. The new House of Hope Training Centre is being built on land bought many years ago by donors.

The elementary school is now registered, however too many obstacles and increased regulations prevent FFC from registering a secondary school.The children were very excited to show their new uniforms and wear shoes all day for the first time.

Two days a week they wear an impractical all-white ensemble and the other days are in green.


A new project has started at the FFC India site. Having decided to  produce their own honey in house, as well as make candles using the beeswax, staff members from FFC purchased a number of bee hives to get started. Below, Rema checks out one of the new hives.

Bee Project FFC India
Bee Project FFC Podanur

The Special Care sections at the FFC India site have begun working on a new idea - making papier mache beads, covering them with Medleri silk and decorating them, and then stringing them together to form necklaces.

Paper Mache Beads
Papier Mache Beads
Sponsorship and donations to the homes 

The total of $21702 was sent to the following orphanages in April 2013.


Cali Colombia

$3300 in sponsorship

$1985 in donations

$5315 Total


Carlos de Villegas 

La Paz Bolivia

$ 760 in sponsorship

$13827 in donations

$14487 Total

The donations were raised by Adam Brisson 30kms swim during the Three 30's event  -



Bogota Colombia

$1400 Sponsorship 



Podanur India

$1800 Sponsorship  

Additional sponsors
needed for Chiquitines 

Kellie and Millie live at Chiquitines while their legal status is determined by the welfare authorities.     


Above - Kellie when she arrived at Chiquitines



Above - Kellie after being provided with medical care at Chiquitines

 Millie and Kely 

Above - Kellie and Millie now


Can you help
recruit more sponsors


belong to a club or association or social network willing to sponsor a group of children?



employ people who would like to sponsor?  Many companies support one or more good causes



have children attending a school that would love to sponsor a group of children as an ongoing project? 


Please encourage everybody you know to sponsor a child


Some of the children we sponsor in FFC India
More sponsors are always needed



Download sponsorship form from our website   


Blanca, Hogar Salomon Klein - Cochabamba Bolivia

Blanca Salomon Klein


Blanca arrived at Salomon Klein suffering from acute malnutrition and as a result small for her age. 
Her mother is addicted to alcohol and clefa (shoe glue) and lives on the street. 
Blanca is affectionate, active, enjoys music  and has improved both physically and emotionally since she arrived at the orphanage.
Additional sponsors are needed for Hogar Salomon Klein

Please assist us in finding more sponsors for children like Blanca
Download sponsorship form from our website   


Small change for us , big change for the kids

It costs less than $1 a day to sponsor a child through ACC and give that child a chance for a better future. Please considering sharing this with your friends and encourage them to sponsor.  A sponsorship form can be downloaded from our website  


Maria Katelaris  
On behalf of the sponsorship team

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