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I want to salute all those women who are mothers, have acted like our mothers, and who have corrected us and shoved us forward. Take time to recognize the women who have made you all that you are...



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Volume VII
Issue 2
May, 2014


To-Do List

Write a love letter to your mother, Auntie, Nanna, mother-figure.

Share the best advice you've received from your mother or one piece of advice that you give as a mother.

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Best Advice from Your Mothers, Grandmothers, and Mother Figures

Over the years, you all shared some great words of wisdom from your mothers and mother figures that I think are worth repeating. Share more with me on Facebook and Twitter.


Peg DuVal: "Kill them with kindness"...when people around you are having a bad day, don't take it personally...turn their day around with kindness. Be empathetic, ask them about their day. You'll leave their day a little less stressed and yours, too."


Rick Meekins: "I think my mom is my biggest fan. She always taught me to respect myself, respect other people, remain honest, patient and kind and to work hard. Because she always believes in me, I believe in myself and have always sought to be the best I could be at whatever I was doing. Thanks Gloria Meekins."


Kimberlee Scott-Mayes: "Whenever I was having a difficult situation my mother would always say "This, too, shall pass."  


Lorenzo Smart: "I remember my mom telling me "Never let anybody tell you that you can't do something until you try."


Robert H. McMichael III: My mother, Kathye, told me 'Baby, all you got is your peace of mind. Anything or anyone that tries to take that needs to be dismissed from your life immediately!' I still apply that principle today."


Martha Campbell: "Two wrongs does not make one right. :-) Sooooo true and I swore I would NEVER NEVER NEVER say that to my children. favorite quote."


Telley Lynnette Gadson: "Manners and respect will take you where money can not!"


Ida Prewitt Suggs: from her mom, Catherine: "It's just nice to be nice."


Kim Holloway: "Always respect your elders."


Margie Lutjen Briggs: My Granna shared "You will always have enough time and money for what is important. You, child, must choose very carefully what becomes important to you!"


Thanks for sharing! With moms and "Grannas" like these, it's no wonder you all are so wonderful.




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