Land-Based Learning's SLEWS Program Celebrates 15 Years!

Springtime has arrived at Land-Based Learning, which means this year's SLEWS projects are wrapping up and we are turning our attention to our annual Stewardship Celebration on May 17th. This year's Celebration holds special significance as it marks the conclusion of 15 years of SLEWS programming!  As you can see from some of the accomplishments listed, this year's projects and partnerships have resulted in real changes happening on the ground.  But it's the learning and personal connections that happen when students, teachers, landowners, resource professionals, and volunteer mentors come together during SLEWS days that have made my past six years as a SLEWS Coordinator so gratifying.  

Our Stewardship Celebration is an annual event where we come together to thank participants and supporters of the SLEWS and FARMS Leadership Programs, and acknowledge all the individuals who facilitate learning on the land and restoration of wildlife habitat on farms, ranches and open spaces in California.  

We especially hope to see some of our program alumni join us for the event and share with us what you've been up to since we met you in high school!

Matt Lechmaier, SLEWS Coordinator

As a SLEWS student, I really enjoyed getting to plant and put in the irrigation system at our restoration project while working together to accomplish it as a team. Also, hearing from the mentors about their jobs and all the possibilities there are in this field was something that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. Now, as an intern at SLEWS, I see all the work that goes into each SLEWS field day. It was neat to see it from both sides.

Nayeli Lozano, SLEWS Intern
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"SLEWS is about connection, learning, energy, youth and diversity".

"SLEWS broadens our students' vision of themselves and their role in community. It offers inspiration".

"SLEWS is about sowing the seeds for a lifetime of commitment to the environment and the world".

"SLEWS teaches the concepts and practices of stewardship while enriching the classroom with field experiences".

These reflections on SLEWS were recorded 10 years ago, when SLEWS was a young, but successful program that had recently expanded in scope and doubled in size. We started in 2001 with 5 high school classes in Yolo, Sacramento, and Solano Counties. Since then, 247 classes of high school students have implemented habitat projects through SLEWS.

These quotes start to explore the many facets of the SLEWS experience. For some, it's about getting their hands dirty, for others it's about building community. At its heart, it has always been about making a difference, for youth and for the land.

I am grateful, to be here 15 years later, carrying this vision forward with some of our original partners and quite a few new ones. I am also excited to reconnect with SLEWS alumni, wherever they are now, to see how we might continue to build community through connection to each other and the land.   
Nina Suzuki, SLEWS Director
Calling All SLEWS Program Alumni

If you are a SLEWS alum, or know someone who is, please get in touch and join us in celebrating our 15th year.  Contact Nina Suzuki,, (530) 795-1544.

Accomplishments for 2016 Sacramento Valley SLEWS
  • 10 Habitat Projects
  • 209 High School Students  
  • 1,660 Native Trees and shrubs planted  
  • 10,500 ft. of Irrigation installed  
  • 2,340 Native grasses and sedges planted  
  • 39 Bee and Bird nesting structures built  
  • 75 Bales of straw mulch spread  
  • 8.5 acres weeded
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