Ag Literacy is about cultivating opportunity for the future of agriculture.
October 2015
It's Agriculture Literacy Week
We thought this would be a good time to hear from the Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), Karen Ross. She has a passion for California agriculture that we want to share with you. Do you know how many specialty crops are grown in California? Or where our crops are exported to and whom they feed? What does the future of agriculture look like in our State? Watch this video to find out the answers to these questions and to learn more about CA farmers and agriculture.

Secretary of the CDFA, Karen Ross, discusses the future of agriculture in our state
Secretary of the CDFA, Karen Ross, discusses
the future of agriculture in our State

In addition, we have partnered with the CDFA Office of Farm to Fork for their Specialty Crop Ambassador program. This quote from the Farm to Fork blog, explains:

"The program offers an opportunity for the Center for Land-Based Learning's California Farm Academy students, graduates, or incubator farmers to undertake projects that support consumption, education, and access to California specialty crops. Ambassadors' projects include work in one or more of the following areas (1) developing or furthering farm to school efforts through specialty crops (2) decreasing food insecurity and increasing access to nutritious food options through the use of specialty crops (3) promoting the farming of specialty crops as a career to the community or (4) increasing public awareness of the health and environmental benefits of specialty crop production."

Check out this link to learn about the four farmers acting as ambassadors this year. Sign up for the blog posts to follow what they are doing now and throughout the year.

West Sacramento Urban Farmer, Aimee Sisson, is one of the ambassadors. Check out her website to see what she's growing:
Center for Land-Based Learning | (530) 795-1520 | (530) 795-4687