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Volume 38 Number 3

Spring/Summer  2016

Call for Proposals
(Deadline: Friday, June 24, 2016)

Featured Speakers for the Fall Convention
Yilin Sun     Thomas Healy   Peter Sokolowski      Keith Folse
Historic Pictures from TESOL 2016 Baltimore
Larry Fisher
Executive Secretary

One of the highlights of TESOL Baltimore 2016 was the celebration of TESOL's 50th anniversary.   Fifty years of TESOL history were on full display at the Leadership Luncheon with the recognition of Penny Alatis, widow of James Alatis, founding director of TESOL.  Penny was recognized by her son Anthony for her faithful attendance at all 50 TESOL conventions over the years.  Anthony presented his mom with a silver plate engraved with her TESOL membership number of 00001, the very first member of TESOL in 1966.  CoTESOLers shared with Penny and Anthony stories involving both TESOL and CoTESOL from the 1970s.  CoTESOL struggled financially early in its history and had to call on TESOL and James Alatis for financial assistance.  In a 1980 letter to CoTESOL, James famously blamed these financial difficulties on Denver's "altitude, climate, or some other special features."  Throughout its 40 years, CoTESOL has been an integral part of the TESOL's affiliate structure. 

2016 CoTESOL Spring Conference
Virginia Nicolai and Stephanie Dewing
Western Slope Liaisons

CoTESOL, along with Virginia Nicolai and Stephanie Dewing (coordinators), was proud to host a spring conference on the Western Slope for the second year in a row. It was held at Colorado Mountain College - Spring Valley Campus in Glenwood Springs on Saturday, May 14. We had just under 100 participants from over 30 cities throughout the state of Colorado. We were honored to feature Laurel Pollard ( who gave the key note presentation entitled "Restore the Joy to Teaching with Zero Preparation Activities for All Levels." She is also the author of Zero Prep, Zero Prep for Beginners, Now You're Talking!, and Wow! Stories from Real Life. Laurel helped us learn how to make our teaching not only more effective, but easier. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. One teacher even commented, "this is the best PD I have had in more than 2 years!" Laurel also presented a break-out session focused on maximum learning for beginners with minimum prep time for teachers. (Read more). 
Reflections from 2016 TESOL Baltimore: 50 Reflecting Forward 1966-2016
CoTESOL Executive Officers and Board Members

Reflections from Sarah Austin, President
One of the most rewarding and fun parts of TESOL International is the Rocky Mountain reception. This yearly event--coordinated by CoTESOL's own Dieter Bruhn--is where members of the TESOL affiliates from Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona gather to meet and greet, wine and dine. This year we convened at The Pratt Street Ale House in Baltimore, MD. All the COTESOL Executive Board was in attendance this year as well as a considerable number of CoTESOL's membership; in addition to us, AZ and NM TESOLers, a large group of Iowa-TESOLers and a few from Idaho and New York crashed the party. Discussion was lively, friends were made, crab cakes were devoured and debates were had. As with many things-TESOL, everyone left with a sense of comradery and, in my case, a sense of renewed purpose along with a partial draft of a grant proposal written on a napkin. May all such events prove as worthwhile and fruitful. (Read more)
Teacher Action Research: Mindfulness Practice in the Classroom
Lena Karabushin
TE/AR SIG Co-Chair and ESL Adjunct Instructor

The first time I heard of mindfulness was a year ago when my 8-year-old son Maxim described how the teacher helped him and his classmates relax and "be on task." They called it "Mindful Minute," and it involved the children breathing in and out slowly five times as well as listening to the Zen bell. I was very impressed because my son is a daydreamer and often needs help focusing in class.
(Read more)
Socio-Political Updates for ELLS - Spring 2016: ELLs and Adult Education: The Case for Increased Funding
Kat Bradley-Bennett and Elizabeth Schroeder
Socio-Political Liaisons

This update will focus on adult English language learners and the need to increase funding and increase services across America. Teachers of adult English language learners know that we are preparing our students for far more than asking for prices in
the grocery store and knowing how to call in sick to work. The adult ed world is rapidly shifting around the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), requiring strong community partnerships with workforce centers, employers, and other community stake holders. Adult English language learners need to develop soft and hard skills along with language to better prepare them for the rigors of high school equivalency, higher ed, and the workforce. Math and algebraic thinking are critical. Helping students think abstractly, for example, getting meaning from content, making inferences, and identifying simple basic math functions (+, -,  and /, X and *, and =) are foundational
skills that help adult students develop skills that can help them achieve their academic and vocational goals. (Read more)
Updates from Adult Education SIG Co-Chairs
Legacies of Hardship
Michelle Raese and Connie Davis
Adult Education, SIG Co-Chairs

Adult Education is on the rise so much so that the typical label of "non-traditional" student may become "traditional". A recent study from the National Center for Education revealed that 38% of the total enrollment of colleges in the United States was for students ages 25 years or older, and this includes ESL learners (NCES 2009). As ESL educators, we often don't take into account the multiple roles of adult learners and the challenges that these students face regarding managing their time and stress levels. We may also not be fully aware of some of the types of stress that our students encounter simply due to their status as immigrants and how the recent legal language and implementation of policies around that status impacts both them and their families.
Wanted Volunteers for 2020 TESOL Denver!!!

Colorado will host the TESOL International Annual Convention in 2020. We are looking for individuals who are interested in helping plan this momentous event. If you are interested in being part of TESOL International 2020 Denver, please fill out this TESOL 2020 Interest Survey (click on link). If you have any questions, contact Hilario Benzon or Sarah Austin

If you have any questions or comments about this newsletter, please contact the CoTESOL Communications Liaison.
Hilario Benzon
Christine Deines,
Communications Liaisons/
Newsletter Editors 
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Current members of any TESOL affiliate that have never been a member of TESOL 
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What is the Discount?

Eligible affiliate members will receive a 25% discount off the full price of a TESOL Professional Membership or a TESOL Global Professional Membership (for affiliates in eligible countries).  The discount is good when joining for one or two years. 


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An eligible affiliate member would join TESOL online via the TESOL website. When asked for the promotion code at the beginning of the application they should enter AFF13. The individual also must indicate which affiliate they are a member of when prompted in the application. 
CoTESOL 2016

CoTESOL will celebrate its 40th Fall Conference this Fall.

CoTESOL XL: 40 Years of Transformation

November 4-5, 2016
Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast

Make sure you join us for this special event!
Executive Board

CoTESOL Executive Board 2016

Last NameFirst NameE-mail AddressBoard Member
BenzonJ. Hilarioteeqbz@gmail.comCommunications Liaison
Bradley-BennettKatkatpbennett@gmail.comSocio-political Liaison
ConnerOliviaolivia.conner@colorado.eduTE/AR Co-chair (2nd yr)
DavisConnieconstance.davis@colorado.eduAE Co-Chair (1st yr)
DeinesChristinecadeines@yahoo.comCommunications Liaison
DewingStephaniesdewing2@uccs.eduWestern Slope Liaison
EinterzJohnjohn.einterz@colorado.eduTech Co-chair (2nd yr)
Farkas-RoszellAgnesagnes.farkasroszell@colorado.eduIEP/HE Co-chair (1st yr)
FisherLarryfisherl@colorado.eduExecutive Secretary
GermainThomastomg@spring.edu2nd VP
HelsonMaritzamaritza_helson@dpsk12.orgEE Co-chair (1st yr)
HilkenMarymary.hilken@ccaurora.eduTech Co-chair (1st yr)
HollowaySusanwittmanholloway@gmail.com1st VP
KappDonnadonna.kapp@ccaurora.eduCA Co-chair (1st yr)
KarabushinLenayelena.karabushin@ccaurora.eduTE/AR Co-chair (1st yr)
Klieforth-WilliamsSarahsklieforth@gmail.comSE Co-chair (2nd yr)
NicolaiVirginiavnicolai@coloradomtn.eduWestern Slope Liaison
RaeseMichelleraese@colorado.eduAE Co-Chair (2nd yr)
RogersBrucebrogersboulder@yahoo.comPublisher liaison
SarrisJulijl30303@gmail.comCA SIG Co-chair (1st yr)
SchroederCaracschroeder001@regis.eduSE Co-chair (1st yr)
SchroederElizabetheschroeder8@gmail.comSocio-political Liaison
SchweissingDanieldaniel.schweissing@ccaurora.eduIEP/HE Co-chair (2nd yr)
ShankJenniferjennifer_shank@dpsk12.orgPast President
StokelySandysandy_stokely@yahoo.comEE Co-chair  (1st yr)


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