February 10, 2016

Director's Letter 
Carole Baggerly 
Director, GrassrootsHealth 

We are proud to announce HYLIONTM: a set of tools developed with your help and input over the past several years designed to facilitate moving research into practice... NOW! It's a translational research process which enables scientific health practices to be implemented safely and quickly. It's applicable to any group (e.g. hospitals, researchers, public health departments, nutrient companies, or any health related organizations) that wants to see what difference their science and/or product can make with regard to documented health outcomes.
We created HYLION because you asked... and asked....and asked... So many of you have asked about nutrients other than vitamin D - how they might help and, of course, how much? Questions such as, "How much magnesium should I take if I'm also taking vitamin D to get to 40 ng/ml?"

As it turns out, the type of information you really need to answer such questions isn't there! So, like GrassrootsHealth has done with vitamin D, we will gather information from you, and use our analysts and researchers to make sense of the data. We can then provide answers to both you as an individual wanting to take charge of your own health, and the nutrition community interested in population level results. Very soon you will see an optional nutrient profile page added to the D*action questionnaire so you can start tracking your actions and get answers to your questions.

AND, because we are total believers in measurement, we will be adding some new tests for you. With this combination of nutrient information and additional lab tests, we will create for you a personalized health portal, My Data My Answers. 
My Data My Answers will not only capture data from tests and health outcomes, but also provide you the ability to set goals, and track labs and health activities - tools you need to take charge of your health with meaningful information. 

Keep your suggestions coming. We act on them!

Have a beautiful day. We will be introducing the tests and the new software in phases and will let you know as they become available. Very many thanks again and again for your insights and help in achieving a healthier and more user-centric way to manage our health.

Carole Baggerly 
Director, GrassrootsHealth 
A Public Health Promotion & Research Organization 
Moving Research into Practice NOW!

HYLION is the translational research model for 
moving research into practice. 

What does that mean?

HYLION is a platform that connects scientists, research results, best practice methodologies, and everyday people (you!). Out of this platform comes scientific analysis, education and action - to change the standard of care across the world. 

This is the model we have used successfully for D*action. We have over 10,000 participants who have tested and reported on health outcomes with vitamin D. From this model we have been able to report back to you as well as the scientific and public health communities that: 1) at what levels vitamin D is safe 2) daily dosing is important 3) it is important to test vitamin D levels - not rely solely on supplement dosage - to determine status 4) there are specific 'S' shaped curves with respect to vitamin D's relationship to diseases and each of these has demonstrated a plateau. We will continue to gather and share information on vitamin D, but it is time to branch out to other nutrients. 

We will continue to use the HYLION model for other nutrients. Information will be gathered, analyzed, and shared with the public about which nutrients to take and how much. The information will also help the nutrient industry demonstrate the outcomes of certain nutrients on a larger scale than practical with most RCTs. 

The Power of the People

HYLION uses the power of the populace to take a stand. By joining these new tests and trials you not only receive much needed personal health information, but also provide data to be used for research and education to reach more people in need.

We have shown through D*action that people care. You are willing to take charge of your health and help fund research to reach more people. You will stand up and say, "Enough! We don't need these monumental rates of disease and sickness!" We can do better. We will work together to do better.

What Will it Look Like?

There will be an area where you can create your goals and determine which tests you wish to take. 

There will be a new interface to the questionnaire - easier and faster to enter.
And most importantly - there will be charts and data which show where you are with respect to the rest of the population so YOU can make decisions based on data about what you think is best for you. 

What is Translational Research?

It is what we do! 

Wikipedia defines translational research as follows:

Translational research applies findings from basic science to enhance human health and well-being. In a medical research context, it aims to "translate" findings in fundamental research into medical and nursing practice and meaningful health outcomes.

In other words, translational research in its second phase, takes research results (information learned from scientific papers or trials) and moves it into the real world - to the doctor's office.

The predominant form of translational research right now is going from biological tests (in animals/lab) to human trials.  GrassrootsHealth is a first in doing very large population research with their very well defined methodology, HYLION.  We have implemented this process very successfully in our D*action project, and now in our Protect our Children NOW! projects in major hospitals.

Why is this interesting?

This is our goal! Look at what we have done for moving vitamin D research into practice. Currently all pregnant women at the Medical University of South Carolina women's center are being screened for vitamin D deficiency - but what if during every routine physical, just like taking cholesterol readings for heart health, the doctors asked for your vitamin D level and knew how to treat it? Our disease incidence prevention chart says that much disease would be prevented, lives would be improved, and billions would be saved in medical costs. 

How did we do this?
  1. We assembled a panel of 48 world-renowned vitamin D scientists.
  2. We provided a platform for people to self-subscribe into our study. These people predominantly funded our research and outreach.
  3. We reached out to hospitals, medical centers, public health officials to change the standard of care.

What is the future?

We will be focusing on using our well proven methodology of HYLION with translational research in the field of nutrition with other research projects where they need our form of data management and analysis, with other nutrients, with other focus groups who are ready to move research into practice. And, we will be actively expanding our Protect our Children NOW! project around the world along with our D*action project.
Editor's Letter
Susan Siljander
Marketing Director, GrassrootsHealth

I hope you like this sneak peek into our future. You will see more regarding this direction as well as new partnerships with research groups as they come into being. 

There was a recent documentary on the nutrient industry done on FRONTLINE, PBS. The premise of this one-hour show was that supplements were unsafe, and weren't worth their claims. Well, many of you know that not all supplements are created equal, and have changed your lives through vitamin D. We will be working with some organizations who have already ensured the safety and ingredients of nutrients - with our reporting on the efficacy of these nutrients and how to use nutrients for optimal health. 

Please continue to participate in our initiatives and help us spread the word - through forwarding this email, talking to a friend or sharing on social media. 

Thank you,

Susan Siljander
Marketing Director, GrassrootsHealth
A Public Health Promotion & Research Organization
Moving Research Into Practice NOW!
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Doris McGartland Rubio, PhD et al.
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March 2010

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William Trochim et al.
Cornell University
Clinical and Translational Science
June 2011

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February 6, 2016

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