2015 Board of Directors Election 
     Thank you for taking the time to vote for your next Board of Directors. The role of the Board Member is critical in keeping the organization active, its Members updated, and to best represent the interest of its Members.  There are two Members nominated for General Election and One Member who has been nominated to represent the State of New Mexico. In addition there are two State Representative possitions that remain unseated. 

     The following is a bio summary for the Candidates, if you would like more information about each candidate then we incurage you to reach out to them or check "about us" on the MSCIECA web site is www.mountainstatesieca.org.

     After you have read each candidates BIO you can click on the "vote here" link or visit the MSC IECA web site. 

General Candidates: 

Ron Whiteman: 
Ron Whiteman has served on the MSC Board since 2007 during which he has functioned as the Secretary, Treasure, Vice President, and President. Ron currently works for Bowman Construction Supply Inc. located in Denver, CO.

James (Jim) Bowlby

Jim has over 38 years of experience, in private industry and consulting, in the field of hydrology, watershed management, stormwater permitting and compliance, and related fields in the Rocky Mountain Region.  I have served as Board secretary and am currently the Mountain States Chapter vice president.  We are proud of our accomplishments as a Board over the past two years, including updates to and revamping of the MSC website, a revamped annual meeting that has been well attended, regular membership meetings, and other outreach related tasks to benefit our members.  I would like your vote and continued support to participate in an active role with your MSC Board for another two year term.


State Representative Candidiates:

New Mexico - Brian Roach 
Brian Roche is the General Manager of Titan Construction Products, LLC, a New Mexico based company providing a complete source for engineered construction products used in commercial, residential, highway, bridge, stormwater, erosion control, irrigation and drainage project applications. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Brian focuses on the promotion, design, sale and construction of stormwater, bridge, pavement, erosion and sediment control applications. Brian has been a member of the IECA for a number of years and has served as the New Mexico State Representative for the past 2 years. 

Wyoming - Open
Montana - Open 

Thanks for your support 

2015 MSC IECA Board of Directors 
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