Int Erosion Control Assoc Mtn Sts Chapte
Int Erosion Control Assoc Mtn Sts Chapte


Denver Transit Eagle P-3 Site Tour

General Membership Meeting

Wednesday May 28th 2014




Join us as we tour sections of the 30+ miles of rail line that has been developed over the last 5 years in and around Metro Denver. During this tour we will be taking a closer look at some of the StormWater challenges the project faced and how they were overcome with creative and effective engineering.


While much of the work is near completion for the Blue line, scheduled to open in 2016. The Gold line from Union Station to Arvada is well underway. Both lines provide great opportunity and challenges which we will be taking a closer look at.


Our tour will begin at the Denver Transit's Headquarters for an overview presentation of the project starting at 9 am. There we will have the opportunity to see the projects from a birds view displaying just how large and complex this project is, was, and will be.


We are very pleased to announce that our guide will be Matt Zoss from Kleinfelder.  He is the StormWater Manager for the entire project and he will talk about some of the extraordinary challenges they have faced.  Matt also was one of our guest speakers at last December's conference.


To quote Marion Combs (Eagle P3 Public Information Officer) "DTP would be happy to provide a tour showcasing this amazing project and the hard work our project team performs daily to deliver it on time and on budget".


We will visit both of the lines and will conclude around noon back at their offices.  There will stops along the way to stretch and use facilities (there is a rest room on the bus too).


We are limited to 50 people for this tour and there is no cost.  Please contact Chris LaMere to sign up at




Int Erosion Control Assoc Mtn Sts Chapte