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June 2016
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5-8:30 pm - unless stated differently below:


All meeting dates and topics are subject to change. Refer to mailings from Akron-Canton CSI for current information or contact the Chapter Executive Director, Carolyne Tinsley for up-to-date information (330.699-9788 or akroncantoncsi@hotmail.com)



Up-coming Chapter Meetings:


July 15, 2016, Golf Outing, The Pines, Register Below

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The President's Corner

Hello Everyone,

Great fun at the Rubber Ducks game. I caught the winning home-run ball... sort of. I chased it around the seats and finally got it. We missed the rain and had a very good day at Canal Park. I wish you could have been there.

Don't forget about the golf outing. Get signed up now. See link below. All sponsorship information, donations, players names and money MUST be received by July 6, 2016 to be recognized in the sponsorship program. Not a golfer, then volunteer to help at the event;  contact the office, Carolyne Tinsley, 330-699-9788 or akroncantoncsi@hotmail.com and let her know you are interested in volunteering. 

We have had a bit of a problem with the office computer. We recently lost all of our emails and contacts. If you did notify the office by email that you want to be on a team or would like to join a team, please send another email. We think we have that resolved and are receiving email at this time. It would help us if you would let us know you want to be involved at the golf outing.

Sean Barbina 

DS Architecture is currently in the process of accepting resumes for the position of Architectural Designer.  Candidates should be capable of being part of a project team and have a strong understanding of projects from the conceptual design phase through the construction documents phase. Our environment encourages team
 collaboration, team excitement, and team personality to create successful projects.  A paramount attribute of any staff member is the ability to work in partnership successfully with the entire team and to have fun.

Click Here for more information.

Braun & Steidl Architects has an immediate opening for an Architect/PM with experience in all aspects of project management from design through construction in our Akron office. See full ad at http://www.bsa-net.com/About/Careers
Marketing Coordinator
Braun & Steidl Architects has an immediate opening for a Marketing Coordinator with experience in all aspects of marketing in our Akron office. See full ad at http://www.bsa-net.com/About/Careers

11th Annual
AIA Akron, Akron Canton CSI, & Cleveland CSI
2016 Golf Outing
July 15, 2016
Deadline to register - July 11, 2016
Don't miss the best golf outing of the season presented by AIA Akron, Akron-Canton, and Cleveland CSI Golf outing which is just right around the dogleg Friday, July 15 at the beautiful Pines Golf Club.
Book your foursome and get a discount, be a sponsor, sponsor a hole,  have some fun, and at the same time you are helping to provide scholarships to some very deserving college students, so don't hesitate and miss out on a great day.
If you have any other questions feel free to reply to this email or contact Carolyne Tinsley 330-699-9788.


Steve Hall joined the Akron-Canton Chapter of CSI in January. 

Here are a few facts Steve has given us:

I am a Sr Certified Tyvek Specialist for DuPont. (Parksite)
I work with Builders and Architects with regards to their weatherization systems on residential and commercial projects.
I teach several AIA CEU courses each month for the architectural community.
Other days I have boots and jeans on and am on job sites with the installer and GC.
5 grown kids
6 grand kids
I have been in the building materials industry for over 25 years.

Thanks Steve. We hope to see you at the next CSI event.

Tom Pekoc
Construction Specification Institute Akron/Canton and Cleveland Chapter
Scholarship Report

The CSI Akron/Canton Chapter and the Cleveland Chapter have combined their scholarship efforts to award three $1,000 scholarships to worthy students studying some aspect of the construction field. The Akron/Canton Chapter awards two $1,000 scholarships and the Cleveland Chapter awards one $1,000 scholarship.

Requirements for the applicant are that they must be in accredited college or university serving the construction industry in the northeast Ohio area and desire to pursue a career in the construction industry. Winners must be willing to join CSI as a student, have a 3.0 GPA, have a letter of recommendation from a faculty member and submit a 500 to 1000 word essay on the subject on "Why do you want to pursue a career in the construction industry and how do you feel you can contribute to the construction industry after you graduate?"

Our decision boiled down to seven (7) applicants since one (1) was rejected because they were from the University of Cincinnati and our application states it must be a northeast Ohio school. Six (6) applicants attend Kent State University and one (1) attends the University of Akron.

The CSI Cleveland Chapter is pleased to announce the award of $1,000 to Doneisha Hawkins who is currently a senior at Kent State University studying construction management.

The CSI Akron/Canton Chapter is pleased to announce the award of $1,000 to Austin Wischt who is a sophomore currently studying Construction Engineering Technology at the University of Akron.

The CSI Akron/Canton Chapter is pleased to announce the award of $1,000 to Jamie Tyler who is currently a sophomore and studying Interior Design at Kent State University.

Having reviewed these applicants I can testify that all of them are all worthy of receiving the scholarships and that the future of construction is extremely bright. Please join me in congratulating all of our winners.

Tom Pekoc, AHC, CDT/CSI
Scholarship Chairman


Board Meeting

7:30-8:30 am

First Thursday of the Month




Chapter Meeting


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Lunch & Learn

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L&Ls Begin at Noon


Must register to receive box lunch.

$25 for Non-members of Akron-Canton CSI & AIA Akron 



Use this bs. cd. ad 



Registration is online and notices are sent prior to the meetings.
Contact Carolyne Tinsley if you have questions - 330-699-9788 or rsvplandl@aiaakron.org.

Click here for list of 2016 Lunch and Learn Meetings


How did we get here? 
Effects of the economy on membership, MythBusters edition

Among the things that have been blamed for declining membership is the economy. By the time I was elected to the Institute board, membership had already fallen about fifteen percent from its peak in the late '90s, and it continued to decline. As we'll see in a moment, my term of service on the board happened to coincide roughly with the Great Recession of 2007-2009. Membership did decline during that recession, though not as much as you might think. It's more significant that in the years leading up to that recession, the economy was good, yet membership was declining.

When I was on the board, and many times since, I have heard members attribute the loss of members to the economy. While I accept that as a possibility, it seems to me that if the economy does have an impact on membership, we should regain lost members when the economy improves. I didn't think that was happening, so I decided to do look at the numbers. Please note that I am not an economic or financial analyst of any sort, but what I found does seem reasonable. And what did I find? That the economy has had little impact on CSI membership.

When writing previous articles about the history of CSI, I gleaned information about the number of members and the number of chapters from a variety of sources, which I used to produce a number of graphs. Some of those graphs were published along with articles, and though there were acknowledged problems some of the numbers, no one has objected to the overall picture I presented, so I will accept the information as reasonably accurate.

For information about the economy, I went to FRED Economic Data as published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. On the FRED website, I found a graph of "Civilian Unemployment Rate" the range of which conveniently coincides with CSI's lifespan, 1948 through 2016. I thought the economic information made more sense if it showed employment, rather than unemployment, so I inverted the graph, then superimposed on it a graph showing our membership and the number of CSI chapters. (I am not certain that is entirely valid, but I think it's reasonably good for my purposes.) Finally, to make the image easier to read, I removed gridlines, scales, and labels.
As noted, the graph begins in 1948 and extends to the present. The health of the economy, as represented by the number of employed, is shown by a dark gray line. Recessions are indicated by light gray vertical bars. CSI's membership is shown by a blue line, and the number of chapters is shown by a red line.

With all that information in one place, what can we deduce about the effect of the economy on membership?
CSI's first year ended in the beginning of the Recession of 1949, which lasted a year. As a new organization, with little but some great ideas to offer, I doubt the economy had any effect on membership, which rose a bit and then remained stable through a strong economy and the Recession of 1953.

That was followed by a period of strong, uninterrupted growth of membership, beginning in 1955. During the first part of that period, we had the Recessions of 1958 and 1960-61, neither of which had any apparent effect on membership.

As you can see, growth slowed down in the late '60s - during a good economy - but was relatively steady through 1979. During this period, we experienced the Recessions of 1969-70 and 1973-75, as well as a recovering economy between those recessions. Again, membership continued to grow at about the same pace regardless of what the economy was doing.

An interesting period began about 1979. Membership grew at a remarkable rate for the next four years, at about 1,000 per year. And yet, during those years, we had the Recession of 1980 followed immediately by the Recession of the Early 1980s (no, I don't understand why those are separate recessions), a total of two years. At the end of those two years, we saw unemployment peak at 10.2 percent, the highest level between 1948 and today.

Since then, we have had the recession of the early 1990s, the recession of the early 2000s, and, most recently, the Great Recession of 2007-09. Other than a slightly steeper decline during the Great Recession, there is no apparent correlation between membership and the economy.
And so, for all of the MythBusters fans, I'd say the idea that the economy affects membership is effectively

Now for some homework. Go back to last month's article, and see if you can determine what CSI did that might have affected membership, and we'll compare notes next month.
2016, Sheldon Wolfe, RA, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CSC
Agree? Disagree? Leave your comments at http://swspecificthoughts.blogspot.com/


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