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It may look like all fun and games, but hummingbirds are territorial and like to keep an eye on things. Give them a watchful perch that happens to be whimsical and adorable, and no one will know they're not there for fun.

Is it mid-summer already? Time for hummingbird feeders and butterfly gardens! We have some new additions to the store perfect for summer, including The Complete Book of Hummingbirds, and The Art of Butterfly Gardening. Plus, there are new books great for getting kids away from their screens and out the door - Bird Watching for Kids (ages 8-14) and Birdology (ages 7-12). Oh, and check out the Waterfowl ID Series by Cornell - handy fold-out guides to help you learn to ID waterfowl more quickly and easily!

Below you'll find more new additions to our store - some new releases and some just new to us. And speaking of butterfly gardens, here's a photo from staff member Kara's backyard! Milkweed planted last year is going crazy right now, and the monarch (and queen) caterpillars are loving it. Kara's yard has also hosted zebra longwings and swallowtails, and she is having a hard time keeping up with them all. Those guys are HUNGRY!

*PS - did you know all our books are now 20% OFF the regular retail price?!? Stock up for a wild summer! 


This generously illustrated, full-color book teaches kids that birds can be seen almost anywhere: in city parks and streets, zoos, farms, and backyards. Using "Try This," "Look For," and "Listen For" prompts, Birdology promotes independent observation and analysis, writing and drawing skills, and nature literacy.

Bird Watching for Kids

Young readers will learn how to lure a multitude of birds within easy viewing range by providing appealing backyard habitats including feeders, birdhouses and birdbaths. Bird Watching for Kids will kindle in children a healthy, enduring interest in birds and other wild animals.
John Muir: The Scotsman Who Saved America's Wild Places

An in-depth portrait of John Muir, the founder of the U.S. National Parks and the founder and first president of the Sierra Club. He was a fascinating character: on the one hand a recluse, seeking solitude, and on the other a passionate activist, determined to save the places he loved. This wonderful biography pays tribute to a giant of ecology and is essential reading for lovers of natural history.

To check out all the most recent additions to our store, click here. Be sure to take a break from your daily screen time for some nature time this summer!


Pete and Kara


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