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Help Us Count The Birds!!
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The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society want to know which birds you are seeing anywhere - a yard, a nearby park or nature center, the town landfill, wherever.

Once a year they ask folks to record their bird sightings in an event called the Great Backyard Bird Count. We think this is a great idea! I know I participate every year, and you should too.

Simply go out birding between February 13th and 16th and record your sightings. Then post your totals at www.BirdCount.org

Almost 18 million birds and 4,296 species from all over the world were recorded last year!

Why Participate?

Bird populations are constantly changing. No single scientist or team of scientists could hope to keep track of the complicated patterns of movement of species around the world. The information from GBBC participants, combined with other surveys, helps scientists learn how birds are affected by environmental changes.


The information you send in can provide the first sign that individual species may be increasing or declining from year to year. Data gathered over many years help highlight how a species' range may be expanding or shrinking. A big change, noted consistently over a period of years, is an indication that something is happening in the environment that is affecting the birds and that should receive attention. GBBC information also allows us to look at what kinds of birds inhabit different areas, such as cities and suburbs or more natural habitats.

Great Backyard Bird Count
February 13 - 16th
Now is the time!
Visit www.BirdCount.org for all the details

Get Ready For The Count

If you're new to the GBBC you can create your free account ahead of time and use that same username and password when the GBBC begins. If you already have a GBBC account or participate in another Cornell Lab of Ornithology citizen-science project such as Project FeederWatch, NestWatch, or eBird, you do not have to create a new account, just use the same login information for the GBBC. Then simply login and post your sightings. See real-time results of what others are seeing.


You can also review (or learn!) the birds in your area using the new Thayer's Bversion 7irds of North America version 7 software for Windows. (Watch the YouTube video.) This new version covers 985 species and includes 6,500 color photos and over 1,400 song clips. It is available as a download  from the Internet or on a USB Flash Drive.


If you have a Mac computer you can get version 4.5.1 for Mac on a DVD.


If you sign up for the Great Backyard Bird Count newsletter you'll be eligible for a discount on version 7. Sign up HERE (half way down the page on the right). The next GBBC newsletter, being sent out early next week, will provide you with a special code that will give you a $10 discount on all Thayer Birding Software programs.


Good Birding,

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Pete Thayer, President


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